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Game Review   2009-03-04


The Magician's Handbook: Cursed Valley - the ultimate hidden-object game.


The Magician's Handbook:Cursed ValleyIf you ever dreamt of becoming a magician to cast spells, mix magician potions and have your own real magic wand, than the new game by BC Soft Games- The Magician's Handbook: Cursed Valley was developed just for you.


In this hidden-object game you are to find the required stuff to save the valley from the dark curse.




You are to find the required number of items at each level. You can travel to different places to get the total number.


The Magician's Handbook:Cursed ValleyIn The Magician's Handbook: Cursed Valley you are to save the valley from the curse.


Your goal is to find the required number of items.


But you have several places to choose from at each level.


You can start from one place and if you failed to find all the things there, you can choose another place on the map to get the required number of items.


As you advance through the levels you learn new facts and secrets about the valley. In the game you gradually learn the strangely named spells, like Repello Obscurum.



Don't be surprised if you have problems with finding the objects - some of them are hidden very well. The Reveal Spell will be your helper in this case.


The Magician's Handbook:Cursed ValleyTo be honest, the idea about being able to get the items in different places is a great one because some of the items are hidden far too well.


Sometimes you start to think that they have forgotten to put some items on the screen. So if you have problems with finding the items in all places on the map you can use the Reveal Spell that you've got in the form of eyes in your left corner.


You have the limited number of them for each level, so make sure you use them wisely. The graphics are impressive, very magic-themed with cemeteries, scarecrows, sleeping trees, poisons, flying books, rats, etc... Though the they are sometimes too dark and they make the task of finding stuff only more difficult.


Repel objects and Magician coins are on the get-to-find list too.


The Magician's Handbook:Cursed ValleyIn the very beginning you get the Repel tool that can be used to clear the screen from the distractions on the screen.


This tool is especially useful  when you are to find the items on the totally dark screen being able to see only the small area around the cursor that is in the form of a wand, by the way.


So the Repent will lighten the whole screen in this level for some time and then it's dark again.


You can upgrade your Repel level by finding the repel objects, represented by the handprints. Apart from all the things you are to find, try to find the Magician Coin. They are hidden too and are very useful depending on the number you have.


Between the find-it-if-you-can levels you are to accomplish mini-tasks, like combining the word parts.


The Magician's Handbook:Cursed ValleyAs soon as you complete the level by finding the required number of items, you play a mini game or you can choose to continue searching.


Mini games that separate the levels are very easy.


It can be mixing the magical potion or combine the word parts out of the a great number of word parts written in numerous variations of types and sizes.


You can pay the game in two modes: Casual and Apprentice.


The Magician's Handbook:Cursed ValleyThe game can be played in two modes: Casual and Apprentice. The Casual mode contains 13 levels and a story that leads you to freeing the valley from the dark curse.


Do it to the end to find out many secrets of the valley and its real name.


The Apprentice mode differs only in that it has the time limit. Apart from that the game play is the same.


The Magician's Handbook: Cursed Valley is a hidden-object game that challenges you with a lot of tough tasks. It's definitely worth downloading.

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Game Review   2009-03-04


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