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Game Review   2008-01-30


Download The Night Shift Code for freeThe Nightshift Code for your Mac - Exciting Hidden Object Adventure


Even though tons of casual games, and hidden object ones in particular, are being developed and published so very often nowadays, their developers do manage to make some of them very outstanding.


The Nightshift Code is a newly born hidden object game, developed by Black Hammer Productions and published by PlayFirst. Now it is also presented for Mac.


You are to dive into the sequence of crazy events and travelling around the world with Mike and Isabel.


Download The Night Shift Code for free From the very first look the game seems to be very attractive. I mean the way it looks and sounds. You are introduced with a story of a museum security guard named Mike. The game begins with him catching a thief in a museum. The thief is a young pretty girl Isabel. In a few seconds Mike understands that Isabel isn't just a thief when she tells him that his dad is actually alive and he needs their help. Soon after that they find themselves running from some enemies that were following Isabel. And from this moment on the game story reminds a Hollywood action movie with events changing one another. Mike and Isabel travel across the globe trying to solve the mystery and help Mike's father. The story of the game is presented in a comic book style. The music is something that I really enjoyed because it fits the story so very well and is really cool.


The game can be played in one of two modes - Story or Arcade.


Download The Night Shift Code for free The game features two modes - Story and Arcade. The modes are pretty much the same but the difference is that you are limited in time in the Arcade Mode and you don't get a story part unlike the Story Mode.


You are to visit 18 locations in total. There are also mini-games between the seek-and-find levels. But these are for the Story Mode only. Needless to say, I guess, about the general gameplay of the seek-and-find levels as they are pretty classic.


I would only like to mention about one thing in those levels. Often times you are given to find multiple items. The thing is that the word is usually polysemic and represented by different items, for example, a queen or a tape. You are also allowed to use the hint button but 3 times only. If you click on the wrong thing you are taken several points or several seconds, depending on the mode you are playing (Story or Arcade respectively).


The Nightshift Code is a game to give a few hours of great gaming experience.

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Game Review   2008-01-30


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This is The Nightshift Code for Mac review. Download this game here.