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Game Review   2007-08-01


Travelogue 360: Rome - The Curse of the NecklaceTravelogue 360: Rome - The Curse of the Necklace - a hidden-object masterpiece


Travelogue 360: Rome - The Curse of the Necklace is another hidden-object hit from Big Fish Game Studios. I'm sure not everyone managed to even get close to getting bored with Hidden: Expedition Everest.


And now we have a new and even more impressive title. This time you are travel around the most popular places in Rome enjoying not only the hidden object hunt, but also your excursion to the history of this wonderful city.


A word of praise must be said about the navigation of the game.


Travelogue 360: Rome - The Curse of the NecklaceTravelogue 360: Rome - The Curse of the Necklace is a hidden-object game with a superb navigation.


The navigation has become much easier comparing to the Travelogue 360: Paris.


There are four more buttons to provide you with the ways to navigate in four directions around the places.


And there is also a compass at the bottom of the screen.


Aside from that, you are able to zoom in and zoom out with the help of the wheel on your mouse. Needles to say, it feels just as real as in Travelogue 360: Paris.


You can easily find the items with the help of the items list and the hint system.


Travelogue 360: Rome - The Curse of the NecklaceThe objects are hidden very well, but there are ways to find all of the items quickly.


The first thing that helps you is that the items on the list get brighter if they are in the view at the moment.


So this simplifies the search process a lot.


Then, you have 6 hints per level and it's more then enough, honestly.


Moreover, the new hint system leads you to the hard-to-find clues right away and you don't have to guess its location.


Finding all the clues will lead you to the solution of the mystery.


Travelogue 360: Rome - The Curse of the NecklaceThe plot of the game is quite intrigue.


You are more then just to find the items.


Your task is to solve the mystery of a family disappearance that happened 200 years ago and its connection to a diamond necklace.


As you advance through levels you get more and more clues that lead you to the denouement.


The clues to the mystery you get in exchange to the valuable items that you find along the game.


Mini-games give only more flavor to the game.


Travelogue 360: Rome - The Curse of the NecklaceThe game is also saturated with the mini-games that make it only better.


Among the mini-games, there is jigsaw and circle-a-word puzzles, spot-the-difference, and place-the-stuff-in-a-suitcase puzzle.


Some of them are very easy, some are not.


A the mini-games are Italy themed, so they fit in very well.


Don't even hesitate that you'll feel like you've visited Rome after you try the game.


Travelogue 360: Rome - The Curse of the NecklaceThe great graphics together with the navigation system bring you to the real city of Rome.


Travelogue 360: Rome - The Curse of the Necklace gives you a great opportunity to visit most of the city's most famous places like Coliseum, Trevi Fountain, St. Peter's Square, antique shops with their own stories, ancient statues, etc.


When you are done with finding things in one of the locations you get a little piece of information about the place.


So it really feels like you are on the excursion across the landmarks of Rome - highly interesting, highly realistic, highly educative.


Travelogue 360: Rome - The Curse of the Necklace is a masterpiece of the hidden-object genre.


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Game Review   2007-08-01


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