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Game Review   2007-11-14


TriJinxTriJinx - Match-Three Adventure


TriJinx is a match-three game from PlayFirst for Mac OS in which you are offered a great variety of matching tasks.


The game won't be a disappointment if you are a match-three games fan.


TriJinx features three modes: Adventure, Arcade, and Puzzle. Even though all of them are about matching, each of them offers something different.


TriJinxThe game can be played in one of three modes. They are: Adventure, Arcade, and Puzzle mode.


The first one, the Adventure mode, tells you a story of a girl who gets informed that something bad has happened to her father.


Now she packs her things and goes to Cairo in order to find out what has happened. When she comes there she has to get into the tomb of Triclops to find her father.


So that's where the match-three journey begins - right at the gates of the tomb. Every level represents the following task. There's a circle with color triangles falling into it.


Then there are three urns of different colors at the top of the circle. You are to fill every urn by matching three or more triangles of one color starting from the first one. The are buttons to rotate the circle and a time limit for this tast.


There are different power-ups in the game to make it easier fro you.


TriJinxEvery match of three or more triangles in the circle gradually fills one of the urns. After the first few levels random same color groups turn into a bomb triangle when you click on them. The bombs destroy the triangles around helping you to fill up the urns.


The next thing you get is a scarab which is an obelisk with a scarab sign on the end. It gradually gets through the ground and gets filled up as you match.


The scarab sign is bright and clear when it's ready. This stick with the scarab sign rotates having scarabs of different colors on its sides. The first of them that gets filled is the one that you can use. Clicking on the scarab you make it destroy all of the triangles on your board of the same color the scarab is. Go further and find out other power-ups for yourself.


The Arcade and Puzzle modes have lots to challenge you.


TriJinxThe Arcade mode gets you playing a match-three game without the story. Choose the difficulty level - easy, medium or hard - and enjoy the game.


You are to choose in the Puzzle mode as well. This time not the difficulty level but the game type: Strategy or Shape Match.


In the Strategy game you have a board filled with triangles and you are to click on them so that you would destroy all of them and have none left.


The more triangles will be left, the more parts will be subtracted from the obelisk you have on the screen. In the Shape Match you are given the filled with triangles board and shapes that you must find there.


TriJinx is a perfect pastime for match-three fans and not only them.

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Game Review   2007-11-14


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Preeti  2012-03-17 14:12:04
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