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Game Review   2008-05-21


Wedding Dash 2 Wedding Dash 2: Rings Around the World - Time to plan a perfect wedding!

Do you hear the wedding bells ring again? Yes, you are right, they announce the release of a sequel most of us have been expecting for a long time - Wedding Dash 2: Rings Around the World! Quinn is back to become the best wedding planner in the world - with your help, sure! The game has all the great features of the first part and some new fun things that will make you love the game even more than you loved the original game.

Wedding Dash 2 Do you know who Mr. Bigger is? Not Mr. Big, but Mr. Bigger? Yes, that very Mr. Bigger who has no one even knows how much money and who has decided to organize a wedding planning contest to select the one worthy of planning the exclusive wedding of his daughter Adriana. So, do you know him?

Actually, Quinn knew nothing of the contest until one day Mr. Bigger came to her himself and made an offer she couldn't refuse. So Quinn decided to take part in the competition against four other contenders in an attepmt to get the order of her life. Joe Wright, a talented wedding photographer, and Flo, who needs no introduction, will help her along the way through 5 venues all over the world, including Niagara, Rainforest and even an ice palace, and 50 levels of frantic time-management game play.

Wedding Dash 2 But let's get closer to the game play itself. If you have played the first title of the series, you will find that the second one resembles its predecessor very much. As always, you have to choose some items to make the wedding style perfect for the newly-weds, than to fulfill all the seating requests of numerous guests, to take their presents to the bride and groom and to serve three courses of food, not forgetting to avert inevitable disasters and to take pictures for the sweet memories of the solemn date.

As in the first part, every several levels you'll be offered to select an upgrade, such as comfier chairs or faster chef. Those will make your life easier. But that also doesn't differ much from the first game. Still there are some fun differences that will add to the pleasure of your gaming experience. For example, what do you say about Chloe, the social butterfly, bringing her daughter with her this time? They both have seating requests and, moreover, they should sit together. And don't let Kathleen, the daughter, lose her pacifier - or she'll cry all the dinner through! You will also encounter new types of disasters, as choking uncle or pigeons, and even sabotage from your opponents, and new items to choose for the couple, such as dressing for the table or transportation to the event. And if you fail to keep everything under control, beware of not only the Bridezilla, but also of the formidable Groom-kong!

Wedding Dash 2 Tip: as in the first part, the secret of your success lies in chaining - chain everything, and the exclusive wedding will be yours!


The game offers the same two modes as the first one - Career Mode and Endless Reception. It's up to you which one to choose - conquering the career peak level by level or enjoying the never-ending wedding marathon.

What else can I say? You should try that and see all by yourself. But I can guarantee that the fun you get will be no less than you got from Wedding Dash. The second part is up to the standards set by the first part, and even more.

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Game Review   2008-05-21


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This is Wedding Dash 2: Rings Around the World for Mac review. Download this game here.