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Game Review   2009-05-13


Yard Sale Hidden TreasuresYard Sale Hidden Treasures: Sunnyville - Every thing for a win!

Yard Sale Hidden Treasures: Sunnyvile is a hidden object game from SlapDash Games and Big Fish Games that is bound to grab your attention for quite a while due to its addictive and challenging game play and engaging story that takes you directly to the whirl of Superstar Homes Magazine Contest.

Become the owner of the best accommodation in the city? Piece of cake!

Yard Sale Hidden Treasures As a newcomer to Sunnyville, you will soon find yourself in the middle of a contest where the Superstar Home of the city is determined. At your very first day at your new home you meet a delegation of locals who will tell you everything you need to know - and that is not much! Just take into account that Atia, the Mayor, is going to win. And you have not a single chance. Will you let her do it that easily?

So, you start turning your house into a perfect nest bound to impress the judges. And the first step here is to look at each of the 8 rooms and compose a wish list containing all the items you need to make the room a genuine masterpiece. When you have your wish list ready, it's time to visit the numerous yard sales held by the citizens of fair Sunnyville, each of them has his/her own unique personality reflected on the type of yard sales they offer. Be ready to visit a Graveyard Sale or look for some items in a real hippie house on a tree. The quirky characters are a great advantage of the game. But while the visuals between levels and in the mini-games is beyond any praise with all the changing intros in the beginning of the game and so on, the hidden object screens present quite a challenge for your eyes and attention due to the fuzzy graphics. But if you are a real hidden object fan - that is not going to stop you, is it?

Yard Sale Hidden TreasuresFor each room, that is each game stage, you have to search for hidden items in several locations. Some of the items will be ones from your wish list, and others not. Designer solutions sometimes amaze, for example, you'll use an old milk bin as an umbrella stand for your entryway. Quite creative, I'd say. As I already said, the tasks are extremely challenging, most items are really hard to find. You are given some Superstar hints, but those are very scarce. Initially you get three for a stage, and I didn't manage to find more than one additional hint (you have to look for stars to get them). So be sure to use your hints wisely and take your time to look carefully. And beware of time penalty, which can be rather harsh, if you misclick too much.

After you explore all the locations for a stage you are offered a set of mini-games were you create pieces of decor for your dwelling. Turn an old rusty lantern into a real gem of your interior in just 5 steps? Easily! clean it, paint it, a couple more accents - and your style trump is ready! What is a bit disappointing here as that you never choose what to do with your house - you just bring into life the game designer's ideas.

The game gives you a choice of Career Mode and Sunnyville Tour. you can also decide to play in Timed or Relaxed Mode, and that is a nice feaure, for it gives you an opportunity to enjoy the game without worrying about time limits.

On the whole I'd say the game is a nice choice for hidden object fans and interior design addicts. Worth to give it a try.

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Game Review   2009-05-13


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