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Bubble Shooter

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Bubble Shooter   2016-07-18


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Bubble Shooter

A piece-of-cake arcade. The point of this game is to clean the multicolored bubbles off the playfield before they reach the bottom of it. This should be done by shooting the bubbles with the bubbles of the same color. Use the arrow to aim and left mouse click to shoot. Tip: a good way to earn bigger score can be making the bubbles fall down by shooting the bubbles in the higher rows.

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Alex  2006-10-30 09:24:12
cool game!

Sneha Grace  2008-06-12 19:57:34
So much fun. I am hooked.

blondy  2007-07-18 07:16:24
i like game bubbles

Ann  2008-05-27 18:20:05
So much fun. I am hooked.

LOYOLA O MAHONY  2008-12-15 06:07:50
keeps moi from being bored

felicity  2008-12-15 11:20:01
i love bubbles but bubbles dosent love me!!!

thea  2009-02-15 11:18:27
it is fun becouse it lets all my anger out

infinity  2009-12-15 09:00:09
it's fun and relaxation. two in one. i like it

Priya  2012-12-18 07:23:56
I'm thinking soomnee is spinning an idea off of the Lion King thing that I have yet to see. Maybe true but I have never seen nor heard of this. Not saying you're wrong though. I wouldn't be surprised if it is true though. My best friend in the world used to work in TV. She put some crazy things on TV that no one noticed except me. And that's only because she told me to look for it.

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This is Bubble Shooter review. Play this game online for free here.