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Burger Shop

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Burger Shop   2008-03-01


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Burger Shop

Burger Shop is a great time-management game that can be palyed online now. The rules and the challenge level of the game are the same. You start your business getting BurgerTron 2000. You start with just burgers and then more and more items are being added. There are three modes in the game - Career, Challenge and Relax.

See related tags: Arcade, Business simulators, Micro management, Online games, Time management

Rate this game:Current game rating: 4

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Farheen  2008-04-23 12:33:07
hi can some 1 tell me how to download this game i cant open it

Farheen  2008-04-23 12:35:47
hi again soz but i cant play online i tried it doesnt do it PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!

Farheen  2008-04-23 15:23:24

jj  2008-05-01 18:21:59
this game doesn't work even if u click the close button!wats wrong
its getting me annoyed

tashebafrancis  2008-04-09 21:47:43
love the game sell

darshan kanodia  2008-04-02 04:41:10

Aysel  2008-03-18 23:58:59
Hi,I'm sorry,but everytime when I want to play this game,it doesn't open,WHY?

Diana Goodavage  2008-03-05 10:45:54
Hi, I love he games you guys have here, but I'm trying to play at the public library. I just keep getting the "enter your email address to play this game for free" message. When I enter my email address, the same thing. I tried it several times. I'm giving up now. I'd love to play the games, though. Maybe there's some way this could be fixed?


Meaghan  2008-03-12 15:18:25
Hey Diana Goodavage all you have to do is hit the close button and the game starts to load

acura  2008-08-21 22:05:20
this game is allsome

destiny  2008-08-31 17:47:12
Well im going to have 2 give it a 0 because it is not working............
Once I lay it I will give it a REAL score...

safwan  2009-01-04 12:38:39
where could i buy this game from because i only get to go on it for 60 minutes only and when i want to play online they cant eccept my email

farah  2009-01-25 09:41:22
i know first you go to big fish games .com then you search burger shop then you see it you click download it will download

TW  2009-02-12 15:17:39
Can we purchase this game in shop like BEST BUT, FUTURE SHOP, WAL MART, etc.

katie  2009-03-30 11:56:39
its so dumb u cant even play this game even if u click on it i look 4 it every where an it asks me do u want to down load was so funny when i get maddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

pussycat 09  2010-07-23 14:07:19
this is a very cool game for those who dont have anything else to lol!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

nicki manrj wanna be  2010-07-23 14:12:25
cant beleive no body commented since last year where r u guys at? this game is so goo i would play it all day!!!!!!!!!!!!! GUCCI, GUCCI, GUCCI ;)!!!!!!!!!!

shahd salah  2010-11-27 06:52:25
i love it

StefanoC  2013-11-21 06:35:12
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This is Burger Shop review. Play this game online for free here.