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Fitz!   2007-05-11


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Ultimately free online match-3 puzzle is here at GameMile on the eve of Mother's Day. Classical Match-3 game mechanics is something every mom will like. Line three or more identical objects horizontally or vertically, and clear the playfield. Unlock the colored cells on the playfield by matching the elements inside them. But you've got to be quick to think your moves in advance, or your online opponent will outrun you!

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Vidtoria Duschner Prado  2007-06-04 20:14:10
Some days ago I discovered this game and it liked me very, very much, but today while was gaming stopped suddenly and couldn`t played again. What may be happened?

Victoria Duschner Prado  2008-01-31 19:48:44
Why I cannot open any game? I hope you can correct the problem soon

wilma  2008-03-12 05:21:22
I need some reassuring. Is there anyone who has ever passed level 21 of fitz? If not, I think I have to stop. I've been trying for 2 weeks now.
Please give me advice how to crack this level.

Jo  2008-03-20 14:20:25
I finally passed level 21 - it took me a couple of weeks at least. I've actually done it twice now, because I was playing online and I was on about level 24 when the next time I came on, it was back to Level 1. That's when I downloaded it (wellgames.com lets you). It took me another week or so to pass Level 21 again.

I found the only way I could do it was to plan ahead - especially for the bottom "wings" - I had to make sure I lined up what was going to fall into that hole, before I connected anything that popped. I found I usually only had one shot to clear those out - both games I passed, I did those quite easily, which let me focus on the rest of the board.

I also would reset if the those bottom wings didn't have at least some duplicates that would make clearing them out easier. Finally, I really paid attention to every move I made and tried to ensure that I was opening more moves, not just clearing the colours.

The bad news - I am now stuck on Level 27 and after a month of playing, have only ever gotten really close once (3 left) - most times I have at least a 3rd of the board left when I'm done. Levels 22-26 were a challenge (one in particular was just really long), but got them all cleared in 1-3 tries.

Sahara  2008-10-28 22:03:26
I have been on level 21 all day. I got down to the very bottom left piece and then I ran out of moves trying to work other pieces down there. This game is so addicting but its so nerve racking too! Congratulations to whomever makes it passed level 21.

bansheee  2009-03-10 05:48:32
wait till you reach level 27...trying to reach level 28 since months now ...and slowly iґm loosing my patience ...aaargh.
it already gives me nightmares^^

h.i.p  2010-07-26 16:35:50
if you ever thought that 21, 27 or 36 is hard to solve..... level 42 won't let me pass... but there is a way to 51 and more....

Woodsley  2011-02-01 01:21:08
Have been trying to reach level 28 for months now.Sometimes I don't play for weeks just to get it out of my head.I was stuck on level 21 for a really long time but finally made it through. Great tips Jo. I think I just need to exercise greater patience.

Teddy  2011-04-01 14:08:22
I am stuck on level 27. Please can some one help me cause i have been here on this level for months. I guess I have to keep trying.

rick  2011-08-13 14:22:05
takin 2 months but am now on level 42 . level 21 27 30 were very hard and took 30-50 tries to clear each but this one is just stupid i would love to know how high it goes

Connie  2011-11-02 15:30:57
Level 42.....for months...can't stop, it's stupid. Indeed, I would also love to know how how high it goes...50?

Pops  2012-04-03 07:42:35
Level 128 ... must leave my hovel to secure much-needed food, clothing & eyedrops. Thumbs calloused from operating game keys. Losing will to live. Aaaargh!

Marianne  2012-04-12 11:46:36
I was also stuck on level 21 for a long time. This has got little to do with strategy anymore - just sheer luck. Only if at the beginning of the game at the very bottom left and right two figures are identical or at least look doable I'll give it a try, otherwise I don't even bother and press for restart.

Dawn Clark  2012-07-07 06:51:43
I too was stuck on level 21 for ages but finally passed it and now stuck on level 27 - driving me and hubby mad as neither of us can do it. There are only so many grids so knowing which one you can solve is a nightmare - just seen someone on level 128 - why do they make the lower levels so impossible - want to give up but then you keep returning - I have lost hours playing this. Does anyone have any proper tips?

KAT  2012-07-23 14:37:33
I feel better knowing I'm not the only one considering a 12-step program after weeks on Level 21!! I'll try to be more patient and plan ahead. Thanks for the tips and commiseration!

Wendy  2012-07-24 17:23:36
I'm on level 27 now. Level 21 was tough but I moved around a lot & tried to keep the matches going. It finally worked. My dilemma now is that someone (who refuses to fess up!) googled something (that only he would look at) over my game. I used the back button to get back to my game but my score was wiped out to 0. Should I start level 27 with a score of 0 or start over???

Jack  2012-07-29 12:15:50
I've been on level 20 for two days, and it's beginning to tick me off! From what I am reading, it sounds like level 20 should be the least of my worries. Oy!

Kathy  2012-08-03 02:52:12
I was on level 21 for months. Suddenly I was back to level 1 and sailed through to level 27 then got stuck again. I don't know if they've changed the game but level 27 is the board I was stuck on at level 21 of the other game! Oh well onwarda dnd upwards!

Rick  2013-01-04 12:07:06
We have this game in our living room on one of our pc,s so everyone can try a few cracks at it. Currently on level 27 again for months but it can be done . 30 is also a really hard board as my mom has cleared 27 twice but the highest we ever got on it was 42. Unfortunatly, lotsa little kids come and go here,and they seem to erase it so we have to start over lol. We have yet to find a pattern or whatever to clear 27 , if it happens its just luck, have gotta down to under 3 dozens of times

Jeanne  2013-02-14 16:41:56
Finally passed level 21. Heart is beating fast. Yea!

Jeanne  2013-07-13 15:58:40
Finally cleared level 27. Saw others trying to clear 27 from the bottom. On my successful day I started at the top, reserving some good plays at the bottom for when I got stuck. 28 and 29 were easy. 30 looks like a doozy!

Nina  2013-10-28 07:24:12
I've made it to level 51 and am beginning to think I'll be here until I die. Anybody been higher? Is there a higher level than 51?

Ursula  2013-11-09 11:54:46
Stuck on level 30 since...what year is this? But I have done it previously (before I was wiped out and had to start on level 1 again - and why does that happen anyway?) so I know it can be done. Madding when I have only have a few fields left and the game shows me the middle finger and starts laughing!

MM  2013-12-27 09:08:09
Just cleared level 30 after (too) many tries. Level 31 = back to easy levels, so no point continuing.

Do  2014-01-09 09:04:15
Finally cleared level 48 !

Do  2014-02-08 02:08:05
bonjour Nina, je viens d'arriver au niveau 51.

Ursula  2014-02-08 18:41:27
Finally beat level 30!!!! And yes, level 31 up to level 35 is easy and I was a bit disappointed as I thought it is more or less level 1 all over again. And then I encountered level 36...oh my. Looks so, so easy and is so, so difficult...

Fox  2014-02-28 11:53:23
Finally cleared lvl 27! I started on the left side on the bottom and continued around counterclockwise. Now stuck on level 30. I am able to clear levels 1-20 during the half of 1hour. But I was stucked on level 21 about the half of 1year. I can clear levels 22-26 as quickly as I can clear levels before lvl 21 (the same for lvls 28-29). Simply, the boards with triangular pieces are vexing!

Dana  2014-09-14 07:33:49
Stuck on level 42 for what seems like decades. Got down to one blue tile and then, as someone so politely put it, the game gave me the finger. At this point I would be willing to sell a kidney to beat this level! Okay, I know this is the Internet so I'd better clarify: no, I do not have a kidney to sell. Aaaaarrrrrrgggghhhhhhh!!!!

Dana  2014-09-14 07:34:34
Stuck on level 42 for what seems like decades. Got down to one blue tile and then, as someone so politely put it, the game gave me the finger. At this point I would be willing to sell a kidney to beat this level! Okay, I know this is the Internet so I'd better clarify: no, I do not have a kidney to sell. Aaaaarrrrrrgggghhhhhhh!!!!

Melonee  2014-11-25 20:29:17
I have been at level 21 for days. What is this about people saying that they passed level 21 and then dropped back down to 1 again!?! If this is the case, and after completing level 21 you don't advance to level 22, I am done playing this game.

Joyce  2015-07-13 11:56:56
Level 30 forever. Is there a clue?

j williamson  2015-11-21 17:40:26
ive seen players on level 27 having shuffles obviously they complete the level i didnt no you could

susana  2016-08-08 08:42:21
Buna,sunt pe nivelul 51 la fitz!de cativa ani, stiu ca sunt multi care au trecut de numarul 51.MA AJUTA CINEVA VA ROG CA SA TREC DE NIVELUL 51? Sau are cineva solutia si mi-o poate da si mie va rog ?

Nevin  2017-06-20 21:15:14
Comments are fabulous! What is this being on level 21 for days/weeks? I am now breaking my arm, patting myself on the back. I passed level 21 for the first time a few minutes ago. I was really beginning to think (after the last few years of trying) that it might not be possible. Now I have hope for the future, if the game does not go back to level one as it has frequently in the past. I will have to look for the site someone mentioned where the game can be downloaded without having that problem. After so many defeats, I love the feeling of VICTORY!!!!

sandra mages  2018-08-14 12:48:11
On 27 leval have seen others shuffel I cant figure out how can someone tell getting fustrated tks

joan  2020-12-11 10:25:32
estoy en medio de la pandemia del 2020 llevo seis meses en el nivel 21, no espero mucho pero cuando lo logre sera hora de ver que la vida si continua jajaja ojala que no estemos mas encerrados es 11 de diciembre del 2020 escuchando a heroes del silencio son las 2:24 am si alguien tiene la bondad de decirme como debo lograr este nivel gracias

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