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The Nightshift Code

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The Nightshift Code   2008-10-01


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The Nightshift Code

 Discover, decode and delight with hidden treasures and locked puzzles!

The Nightshift Code is a hidden object adventure game that will take you on a mysterious, and sometimes dangerous, journey from an ancient history museum in Chicago all the way to a secret location in the Greek Isles! Search for hidden objects and piece together clues to unlock challenging puzzles, ultimately digging for a lost treasure! It's all there waiting for you in The Nightshift Code!

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Amylyn  2012-10-21 11:05:22
that Lovecraft needs to be introduced at a ceitran age, say 14, to stay effective into adulthood. That may be the case.However, despite the clunkiness of his writing, I think the ideas still hold some power for me, especially when put into context. Humanity experienced some rather major revelations when he was writing, such as the discover that the universe was far larger than the milky way galaxy, and the theory of relativity. Moreover, the United States was going through a major social revolution, destroying many of the 19th century traditions and replacing them with progressive ideas that seemed very foreign.So, Lovecraft touched on these ideas in very palpable ways, finding fear in the death of tradition, man's insignificance on a cosmic level, and how everything we presume could prove to be false. Ultimately, his best stories show how our lives and struggles have little meaning in the face of a godless universe that couldn't give a damn about us either way.In the case of At the Mountains of Madness SPOILERSHe actually subverts his own fears of the foreign other through the revelation that the Elder Things are just as human' as mankind, and the narrator finds a way to sympathize with their fallen civilization. Although this can be viewed as a simple cautionary tale of science gone amok, I think the real horror (for Lovecraft) was the inability for different cultures to open a dialogue due to reactionary taboos. This reflects his deepening understanding of a multicultural world from his later explorations and correspondence with a variety of people, as he became less racist and close-minded as he got older./SPOILERSBy the way, I hope you have fun with Beyond the Mountains of Madness. It's supposed to be a great campaign, even if it starts off slowly. Certainly a game that I've always wanted to play in or run. Let us know how it turns out!

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This is The Nightshift Code review. Play this game online for free here.