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Windows game reviewsLooking for quality games, but got no time to download? Get the full info on the game you need in 1 click. Download hidden object adventure games, puzzles and arcades free. Discover the best time management games and simulators, enjoy strategies, logic and action games. Post your comments and support your favorite games. If you haven't found your favorite game in our listing, please contact us.  

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WindowsPC Game

Moai IV: Terra Incognita   2016-07-05

Moai IV: Terra Incognita

It is summer, and all of us need a bit of adventure in our life during these hot days. The casual games world has a fun place for you to go to! It is a new release into the Moai series – Moai IV: Terra Incognita Collector’s EditionThis series is fun and colorful, well, as long as you are a time management genre fan. You are going to meet one of the cutest couples in the gaming world again. If you haven’t played any of the previous games, you might want to check them out to see how it all started. This time around they are not just a couple, but a family of four. It seems that the gods were not happy about something and caused an earthquake that resulted in a tsunami-like destruction to their coastal villages. But it also caused new islands to form and appear from under the water. You are about to start a new adventure of populating those islands.

New layer...
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WindowsPC Game

Monopoly: Here and Now Edition   2007-08-10

Monopoly: Here and Now Edition

Monopoly: Here and Now Edition is a downloadable version of one of America's most popular board games. The game, developed by Tikgames and published by RealArcade, is all about making money, selling, buying, and having fun. The game has a quite modern makeover like more real prices and places. Pewter pieces are laptops, French fries, running shoes, etc... The fans of the board game will fall in love with Monopoly: Here and Now Edition at first sight.

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WindowsPC Game

My Life Story: Adventures   2011-08-21

My Life Story: Adventures

It is one thing when you are to play as a detective or as a grandchild of a weird professor, but it is a different thing to play as an average person trying to not waiste their life. My Life Story: Adventures is a game where you choose and then follow your life path. The game begins with you choosing a character for yourself. Basicly it boils down to choosing the sex and major skill only. After that you leearn tha this person finds themselves at the point when they need to decide what they are going to do with their life.

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WindowsPC Game

Mystery Case Files: The Black Veil   2017-03-27

Mystery Case Files: The Black Veil

Mystery Case Files is a classic hidden object puzzle adventure hit. If you know it, you are probably surprised about why the new game was released not for Thanksgiving, but so much sooner. Well, nobody knows the answer to this question. But if you ask if Mystery Case Files: The Black Veil Collector's Edition is any good, the answer is a definite yes! In this new release, you are going to play as Alison Sterling (whom you might know from the other games of the series). You are called in to Dreadmond because of a strange virus that kills people left and right. These people die in a very particular way – the aging process is accelerated like crazy. A number of the town’s population is now dead. Many more are getting sick. You are not immune to the virus yourself, so you need to hurry to be able to find the source of the virus and a way to stop it.

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WindowsPC Game

Myths of the World: Fire of Olympus   2017-07-07

Myths of the World: Fire of Olympus

Eipix Entertainment has come up with a new release from the Myths of the World series based on an old myth we all know. Myths of the World: Fire of Olympus Collector's Edition is a remake of a story about fire and the wrath of gods that can hurt you just as badly. The words 'fire' and 'Olympus' have probably given it away that it is going to be a story of Prometheus and his generous gift to humans, fire. But this part is history now and we are dealing with the consequences of that act. It seems that Zeus is pretty pissed off by this decision and looks for ways to punish Prometheus as harshly as he can. He basically takes Prometheus and his daughter that you play as to court. The trial leaves you two guilty and the punishment for your father is to be chained to a rock at the end of the world. You as the goddess (that can be tried and convicted - weird definition of a god if you ask me) of Eternal (not literally eternal if it can be taken away) Frost (in Greece?) get to stripped of your powers and turned into a mortal and sent to Earth.

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WindowsPC Game

Nanny Mania   2007-05-18

Nanny Mania

Nanny Mania looks pretty much like a casual version of a well-known strategy The Sims. You are to manage various house chores being a young nanny. The goal of Nanny Mania is to find and clean mess throughout the house with all its rooms and corners. Besides you are to serve the members of the family including their young children (when you are a nanny in the game) or try to do the house management if you are a mom or dad...

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