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Game Review   2011-07-24


A_Vampire_RomanceA Vampire Romance: Paris Stories


A Vampire Romance: Paris Stories is one of the latest releases to the hidden object genre. Having played this game I feel like I made a trip to the past due to the way the game looked and played. The story reminds a bit the Twilight movie story.



You will learn how to use subways just by playing this game.


A_Vampire_RomanceIn this game you play as a young girl who comes to Paris to study art. There she meets this mysterious guy, and as you can guess from the title, things get romantic but complicated. So if Twilight story wasn't enough for you, you can also enjoy this version of the girl-meets-vampire story.


Now I have to explaain why I said before that it felt like I travelled back in time. The game basically consists of good old hidden object levels and mini-games of different kinds. There is also a part with iteractive searches, but it isn't that big part of the game, and it isn't that challenging too. You don't have to think hard where to use what and how to get somewhere. Everything is pretty easy here.


A_Vampire_RomanceThe hidden object levels are many here. You will get the list of items at the bottom, and it is one of the types of lists when you don't get the whole thing at once, but rather, it adds new items as you find the one that it shows.


The scenes of the hide-and-seek levels are so from the past. The graphics are extremely simple, and it is usually very easy to find everything. There are hints though. You can replenish them by collecting stars all over the game.


One thing that really enjoyed is that you have to be acquainted with the Parisian subway. You use it every time you go somewhere else.It will be much easier for those who do have to use the subway, and also very useful for those who might ever need to use it for the first time.


The mini-games are all kinds of puzzles. They are very short and easy. The game does give lots of explanation before you play anything. One thing that was very annoying is that you have to click the arrow or "x" if you want to go to the game from the conversations or help. It seems like not important, but it becomes important after many times of doing it.


So if Twilight story wasn't enough for you, you can also enjoy this version of the girl-meets-vampire story.

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Game Review   2011-07-24


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Mahmoud  2012-03-02 14:40:43
Great point Frank!the more significant oftcar in evaluating the role of the audience in the creation of the work may not be the mechanics of the two media, but the economics of their creation."While I would be willing to concede this point I think there is still much to be explored in the openended nature of the sort of sandboxes that these possibility space games offer. For example, a game like Civilization that provides the ability to mod the game with a bit of XML chops gives the entire world of players a wide range of opportunities to actually change the game experience. There are actually a lot of folks that are trying to rewrite the structure of these games to offer very different frames for viewing the world. Rob: I think your dead on on the distorting nature of simulation, but I'm not sure that it is that much stronger than the distorting influences that come through other modes. For example, written texts impose a level of linearity and order to stories that isn't necessarily there. At the same time one of the other points that Will hit home was that "Simulation is a great tool for spotlighting our ignorance of a system." The act of modeling, of representing, of simulating offers a very concrete, tactile means to test our ideas about the oftcars in a system. The end product, the simulation, often offers users a very visceral gut reaction to the assumptions behind the model which articulated in another format would not force the same reaction.

Alicia  2012-03-17 12:53:22
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