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Game Review   2008-11-14


Alice_Greenfingers_2Alice Greenfingers 2 - Farming Basics with Fun!

Alice, welcome back! Surely, all of you remember this inductrious girl whose farm was the first in the series of successful farming strategy games. Now the second part of the hit is out, and you have a wonderful chance to remember your first farming experience in casual gaming.

A shovel, a patch of land and a bag of seeds - that's all you need to succeed. Want any prove? Ask Alice!

Alice_Greenfingers_2I'm sure you remember the hard-working Alice Greenfingers, her uncle Berry and their faithful friend Paul, the shopkeeper. In the second part of the game you will meet all the heroes again, and in familiar environment - on a farm. Alice will work in order to earn money and fulfill all the tasks of uncle Berry, who is rather demanding, I should say. Paul will sell all the necessary supplies and equipment, and you will have fun while playing. Nothing much can be said on the game story, as there is essentially no story at all. Just the regular farm life continues.

Concerning the game play I can say it's mainly the same as in the first game. For each day you have a number of goals (the tasks given by uncle Berry) to complete. Fortunately, you are not bound with any time limit, so you can take your time and develop your farm as you wish without any fear of failing. It's impossible to fail here. So, for each day you have a mission, and for completing it, as well as some other tasks, you get a badge or a cup - some food for your vanity. The challenges are rather different, starting from removing harmful dandelions and picking apples to growing a certain number oа certain plants, selling them, earning a certain amount of money for uncle (or yes, he sometimes needs a new hat or something else not less expensive) or even exercizing Jefferson, the family dog, so that he lost some weight. You are the only one who determines what you will do next, as long as you fulfill the tasks.

Alice_Greenfingers_2 As in the first part, you dig soil, sow seeds, water plants as you grow, fertilize the soil, harvest your products and take them to the market, where customers are happy to buy them. You are free to purchase hens, beehives or other animals for your farm. They don't need much of your attention, but bring you additional money as you sell their produce. The same function is performed by trees - you can always gather a number of apples or plums (if you buy a plum tree) for extra cash. Cash is needed for upgrades and some necessary supplies to get from Paul's shop.

Besides, after each level you are offered to select a free upgrade among a number of options. You can get new goods unlocked in the shop, or a cash bonus, or extra space for your farm, or even advertising in a local newspaper for attracting more customers to the market. All of those are useful, and you take whatever you wish.

So, if you are in for farming strategy games, Alice Greenfingers 2 is the right choice!

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Game Review   2008-11-14


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