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Game Review   2008-10-14


Anna's Ice CreamAnna's Ice Cream - Challenge for Real Ice Cream Lovers!

The family of food-themed time-management games has grown - and the new title from GameOn is a worthy one. Anna's Ice Cream will wrap you with the festive atmosphere of Ice Cream Island where you can find any entertainment you can imagine. The colorful and bright world of the Island will take you to the never-ending holiday - to work there for your future!

Can you prove that you are worth your Uncle's business? Are you up for the challenge?

Anna's Ice CreamAs you might guess, in Anna's Ice Cream you will act as Anna, the young girl whose Uncle, the owner of Ice Cream Island, has decided to retire. He offers his niece a choice - either she tries her hand at selling ice cream and proves she is worthy of taking over the successful family business or he sells the company to a large corporation. Would you ever refuse such an offer? Surely, not! Neither does Anna. That's how the ice cream frenzy begins.

The game play presents nothing essentialy different from other time-management games. Actually, it really reminds Burger Shop. You have customers coming to you for delicious ice cream and a conveyor where you prepare it and deliver to the customers. The sequence of actions is also rather typical - you choose a container for ice cream - a cup, a cone or a plate, then take a ball of the treat with the necessary flavor and put it to the container while it is still on the conveyor, when add toppings or fun trifles and let iit go to the customer. Try to work fast, otherwise the half-ready portion of the sweety will be thrown to trash. if you wish your ice cream to be delivered to the customer quickly you can press the Speed Up button for the conveyor, and Mikey, one of the cute monkey helpers, will move it to the tray for Molly, your other assitant primate, will take it to the customer's table - upon your click. Molly will also bring your customers napkins and cookies and clean the tables when necessary.

Tip: try to prepare orders for customers sitting at one table one after another, this will save you clicks and time.

Anna's Ice CreamIf you serve your customers quickly they are likely to make a second order, which is good for your earnings - and your level goals are rather tough to reach, while after calculating all ins and outs you won't get really much for your upgrades and training for the monkeys. And if you fail to earn enough, you lose one of your three lives. That can be quite disappointing.

Sometimes during the level you will notice a Gold Ice Cream on your conveyor. Grab it, gather five - and you will have a chance to play a mini-game and create a new flavor for your shop. Adding new flavors makes the game more interesting, but it also becomes more challenging, especially taking into account the fact that you have to refill your ice cream stock during the levels when it comes to an end - and it takes precious time.

You can choose from Story Mode and Happy Hour mode, and see whether you can conquer all the locations from the calm park and zoo to the luxurious hotel or serve the neverending queue of customers with increasing difficulty without losing three of them.

As I already said, the game is very colorful and bright, so our mood is bound to raise during playing. Dare you take the challenge?

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Game Review   2008-10-14


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