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Game Review   2011-03-28


Aspectus: Rinascimento ChroniclesAspectus: Rinascimento Chronicles


Aspectus: Rinascimento Chronicles is one of the recently released games. It belongs to the adventure genre supplying you with a lot of wandering and puzzles to solve. The game turned out to be not as impressive as it seemed. Hopefully this short review will make it clear for you what to expect in it.



The story takes place in Netherlands in 1500's.


Aspectus: Rinascimento ChroniclesThe game starts in a very promising way. It looks like a movie where one scene is changed by the other, and you don't get too much other than that something terrible has happened. The graphics are not stunning with their beauty and attention to details, but they do their job good enough. Plus the lines of the people are all voiced, so it does look great and itriguing.


But then it slowly fades away as you start playing the game. The story puts you in a place of someone who is relied on for helping an artist finish a so-called perfect painting and also find those responsible for he destruction of art. The story takes place in Netherlands in 1500's.


Aspectus: Rinascimento ChroniclesYou are going to spend a lot of time in different locations inside or outside meeting and interacting with different people. Their speeches (most of the time they just let you know some infromation) are voiced, but what is not voiced is tons of tips along the way. Those are usually not voiced, but they are not always that many too.


Most of the time your task is to move the cursor across the scene trying to identify some of the items that you can take and add to the inventory. The inventory is an important part of this game. You don't just throw things in there, then take them, use them and forget about them. Here, before you can use and forget about them, you need to find the way how you can combine different inventories to get something new.


Aspectus: Rinascimento ChroniclesThe inventory is more like an additional puzzle to those that you have in the game. You will encounter different puzzles as you progress. Those are quite unique and fresh, which is a good thing, but they repeat over and over again, which isn't as good. And also they are not really tied to the game itself and those places or items that lead you to those puzzles.


As I mentioned before the first impression kind of fade away after a closer look. The graphics are very simple and most of the time bleak (probobly to fit the mood but still it isn't that attractive). And the game became a bit repeatitous after a while.


Those are the main cons and pros to make it easier for you to decide if you want it.

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Game Review   2011-03-28


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