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Game Review   2007-06-29


Azada - Free Game DownloadAzada - Great Adventure Game With Tons Of Puzzles 


Big Fish Games Studio is working really hard to supply with oh-so-cool games once in a while. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the next puzzle epic by Big Fish Games Studios - Azada, a super cool puzle adventure game with tons of puzzles to solve.



Solve all the puzzles of the game to help Titus.


Azada - Hidden Object PuzzleYou find yourself in a mysterious place with no idea how you got there.


First, you find a letter on the floor, saying that your help is desperately needed to release Titus from his spell finding all the pages of the secret book.


From this moment on your adventure begins.


The series of numerous puzzles of all kinds are waiting for you.


Each level is represented by a number of different puzzles. 


Azada - Free Game DownloadIn each level there are sheets of paper with puzzles for you to choose. The puzzles are quite different. To solve The Colors puzzle, for example, you need to remember the sequence of color blocks that has been pressed and to repeat the sequence on your own.


The Pyramid puzzle is represented by mixed parts of a picture of an ancient pyramid that you are to collect in a way it is done in "Fifteen" game. Your task is to put them together by swapping only the adjacent parts.



Hidden-object puzzles of this game take more than finding the items.


Azada- Free Game DownloadSpecial attention must be paid to the hidden-object puzzles because they take more than a quick eye. In this type of puzzles you are given a list of objects to find but they are not just somewhere on a picture. A match, for example, can be in a bucket, so in order to find it you need to click on the bucket and see what's inside. Moreover, having found all the items you need to understand how you can use them to unlock another page. So there's much more than a seek-and-find thing.


Try to solve the puzzles before the time runs out. The hint button help will cost you 5 minutes.


Azada - Free Game DownloadThe time in every puzzle is limited, so you'd better watch the clock so that you wouldn't have to solve all the puzzles of the level again.


You get a roll for every solved puzzle, and the number of puzzles depends on the required number of rolls.


There are hints in some puzzles that will only tell you what to do next. But that will cost you 5 minutes of your time.


The graphics and sounds of the game are really impressive and contribute to the mysterious game story. I'm sure everyone will enjoy solving the mysteries of Azada and helping Titus.

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Game Review   2007-06-29


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scott woodall  2007-08-19 17:17:32
I completed all the puzzles and released Titus. He then tells me to remember the words Magic Book. I think there must be more to this game than the 10 levels of play, but I haven't figured out how to go any further. Does anyone else know?

carolyn  2008-01-02 22:51:00
the clock theres a sequence in which u have to sound the clocks
magic book.. might be that there's a azada 2? im gussing. that if u use this code u can get to a secret lvl on the next one?

Dorothy  2007-07-04 06:42:14
I love this game!! I am stuck, though. I am in the library where you have to click on the coordinates on the map and it's not working. Can you help me?

Ivy  2007-07-05 16:24:20
Help on map coordinates; if your coordinates are i.e. 124 and 62N, when the curser is at 124.62 just click on it

Robin  2008-05-28 22:37:17
can anybody help wear is the magic book

BLAZER  2008-01-22 19:36:30
I have finished level 1 and was told to remember the words"Magic Book. If you look at the picture where Titus has been freed, to the left of him is a bookcase. Note there are games placed on the shelf. Also, when you go back a page, at the top of that same bookshelf there is now a box, with a lock and 4 small circles onit and 2 Egyptian figures on either side. I have tried playing all of the games and am searching for a key to unlock the box. ANY SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. I AM GOING NUTS TRYING TO FIGURE THIS OUT.

Frank  2008-01-31 08:58:27
Kim if you look closely at the match 3 some are faintly outlined with a colored box. If you match one of the colored outlined boxes... these are the ones that will move the completion bar.

Sue  2008-01-14 21:45:02
Kim, for the Runes: they don't have to be the same pictures...you can also use I, II, III in the same color.

Kim  2008-01-06 11:04:52
I have tried 3 times to get through the connect three where you have to click on three of the same pictures and it uses all of my time that I have left so I can't finish the rest of the chapter. Does anyone have any hints to get through this puzzle fast? It seems like the timer thing just stays in one place for a longtime.

Jacky  2007-07-11 04:42:24
Hi! It's a shame, but i'm get stuck at 1 level. Advise what shell i do with the burn match and sparkle clock?

Doris Jean Wright  2007-07-12 23:31:04
i think this is about the cleverest game ever. This game has something for all game lovers of all sort. Thank you big fish!!!

Debra Wakitsch  2007-07-30 23:01:10
I completed all the puzzles and released Titus. He then tells me to remember the words Magic Book. I think there must be more to this game than the 10 levels of play, but I haven't figured out how to go any further. Does anyone else know?

Leslie  2007-07-29 20:30:33
I'm stuck at the library too. If anyone has solved this, please help.

LMarco  2007-08-26 12:41:34
I'm at the Clocks game on the last level (I think) and I can't figure it out. I can't get the cuckoo clock to work and I can't figure out how to complete the puzzle. I found all 4 items, the bells, the key and the long item (which looks like a clock arm), but I can't seem to make the thing work out. Please help.

ekab  2007-08-29 17:26:54
I'm also stuck on the map level..But I have the numbers 122.65..which is strange because all the numbers on the map are even. 01:33 until the end of the game so help!!!

ekab  2007-08-29 17:48:01
ok...I'm stupid!! The 65 isn't a number..but 6 south..

alexia  2007-09-08 09:47:16
For LMarco,you have to attach the little bell to the stick and then put it on the cucco clock

Emily  2007-12-23 23:17:57
I finished the whole thing! What a great game! I think the code word that you are given upon completion is perhaps for a sequel to the game, yet to be released? Anyone else who has completed it, what do you think?

chikabe  2008-01-01 07:00:21
hey fellow azada's. I'm on the "magic book" search too. Looked at several sites now but seems ev1 asking about it. Guess we all a bit to early to finish it, and the sequel not ready??? Anyone find anything out could they please remeber to post answer.
P.S though i know it's tempting to to be too eager to play lol.

yure  2007-09-16 10:11:13
look,people: the library stuff- when mashine shows two letters, you need to get two books with that letter. first is (left-right),and the second is south or north. "fuse" that two to get the coordinate. (sorry for my english,i'm croatian)

steve  2007-11-09 15:34:18
have finished but been told to remember magic book can anybody tell me why ???

Janice  2007-12-11 21:49:39
It seems I'm at a loss like you, I've gone through all the levels twice to get back to the "magic book" line. Is there another game or level? Has anyone received an answer to this puzzle?

hedgewitch  2008-09-01 01:10:00
For those wanting the answer to the code Magic Book the code is needed in the sequel Azada:Ancient Magic to unlock a secret level.

BlackKnight  2008-09-06 15:20:22
ekab: Sorry had to laugh at your comments, took you half an hour to realise that the "5" was an "S"?

I had the same problem, so can sympathise with you!

Now downloading the sequel so I can find the secret level before I forget what the code was!

Jaymacy  2008-09-30 04:21:34
The Azada Ancient Magic: You cannot find it on Yahoo, it is on Big Fish games. It is the sequel! It is A LOT different, more challenging, and a lot more to it. You only get 60 mins and then you have to buy it! Its not like Yahoo where you can go back in for 5 mins.

Robin  2013-05-13 03:42:48
I am a 12th class student. My shcool wifi connection does not allow me to download video files larger than 10 mb. I have tried downloading using certain proxy sites. IDM starts downloading the file but the process is terminated admist , hence i am unable to download anything of my interest. What should i do to download files larger than 100 mb using my shcool\'s wifi connection?

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