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Game Review   2008-08-12


Baby_BlimpBaby Blimp - We all Know The Truth But...


...but there is always a place for a different point of view. And the developer and publisher of Baby Blimp, Youda Games, has one. According to them making babies doesn't require a man and a woman; they are made at a special factory and delivered by storks. And who people get - a boy or a girl - depends purely on how accurately a factory worker pulled the handle of a slot machine. And in this game, it is you.



You are to work at a factory where babies are produced by storks. The happiness of future parents depends on the speed and quality of your work.


Baby_Blimp Right away from the beginning you are told how things work in that world. There is a factory where babies are made by storks. Then after a short tutorial you start preparing the babies for the delivery.


You play as a stork at a conveyor line. At the beginning of it, there is a slot machine. Here's how it works. At first you are shown a baby of what sex you need. Then the happiness of parents and your score depends on your accuracy.


There are two pictures on the machine - a blue one with a boy and a pink one with a girl - that light up in turns. If a boy is required you are to pull a handle of the machine when a blue picture is lightened. The same is for the girls.


After that a new request is shown. But the machine will do it for you if you are too busy with accomplishing other tasks.


You are to meet several baby's needs before it is ready for the delivery. The delivery is also up to you.


Baby_Blimp There are several other things you are to do before a baby is ready to be sent to his/her parents.


First of all a baby may fall and you should come up to calm it down. Then you should prepare a milk, then wipe off the milk that went back, then you need to wash the baby and put it into a bed.


After that the baby is finally ready for the delivery. You get him/her back on the conveyor and send it to the second stage.


The second stage is the actual delivery of babies. You are shown a map with several houses, storks and packed babies.


A small bubble with a picture of a boy or a girl appears near every house. It's kind of an order for you. So you take a stork, give it a packed baby and click on the house you want to send this baby to.


The babies you deliver now are those that you had prepared before. So if you pulled the handle of the slot machin wrong, it means that now you won't have the baby of the sex you need to deliver. In this case you don't get any points.


The challenge level is going only up as you progress through the game. Soon you are going to have twins and more...plus you'll face weather challenges during the delivery.





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Game Review   2008-08-12


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