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Game Review   2009-01-13


Be Rich!Be Rich - And Let Your Real Estate Empire Thrive!

Strategy real estate-themed are becoming extremely popular lately, and after the huge success of Build-a-lot series we are presenting a new game of this type from Divo Games - Be Rich. While offering mostly similar game play, it introduces some new twists that make your game experience a bit different.

Do you prefer a meteorical career or a thoughtful development? It's all here!

Be Rich!Be Rich offers you not much of a story. You just found you real estate company and start developing it in one of the two modes - Career or Sandbox. In Career mode you complete level after level and develop your corporation, while in Sandbox you just have a large area and a number of rather challenging goals to achieve as well as a number of tools to use in your game and no time limit, so you can make it your own way.

But if you choose to make a career, you select your assistant out of three highly qualified real estate professionals and step to the first level. Each level represents a twon with your company branch with certain objectives to complete. You have some cash and construction wagons, and possibly some real estate properties. There are also some parameters like Town Appearance or Population. Your objectives may be related to any of these, for instance, earning certain amount of money or rental income, building a certain number of specific houses or getting the town population to a certain level.

Be Rich!Your choice of means to use is rather wide. You can construct houses, upgrade them (which increases not only the rental income, but also the number of tenants), sell and buy them, and repair them if necessary. You can also construct buildings like shops or workshops to create additional revenue stream or eliminate some frequent problems. Each town may also offer its own issues like fixing a bridge or creating a stadium and running some matches there. You can also decorate your town with trees, fountains and other beautiful additions, which also ad to your revenue and town appearance.

There is also one feature that makes the game a bit mor complicated, but at the same time more interesting - the roads. You can't build something away from a road, as the constructors may not be able to get there, so you always have to think first where you put our buildings and thinks about communication and objects location a lot.

Between the levels you can see you company's Headquarters and purchase improvements for it using you points earned for completing level objectives early. These upgrades give you some advantages, like faster construction or more tenants to houses, which is very useful sometimes.

So, if you enjoy strategy games, Be Rich is a nice variant to try - and test your managing skills!

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Game Review   2009-01-13


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