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Game Review   2010-02-22


Big_City_Adventure__VancouverBig City Adventure: Vancouver - No Olympics But Still Vancouver


Of course, the destination of this latest release in the Big City Adventure series has nothing to do with the Olympics this winter.


But if you are one of those who would love to pack and go to Vancouver to see winter Olympics 2010, you will most probably like the idea to be there at least in a vertual way in the game that has nothing to do with the Olympics. Just a coincidence.



The new destination for your family is full of everything you would have in a real trip there.


Big_City_Adventure__VancouverHaving visited such famous destinations like New York, San Francisco, and Sydney (in the previous entries of the Big City Adventure series) this time you are going to Vancouver, Canada with your family.


In this place you can expect a little bit of history and trivia with local landmarks and scenery. Plus a bit of winter sports details including skis, bobsleds, ice skates, hockey sticks.


You trip is going to go from one end of the city to the other. All that will take 69 hidden object levels (isn't it interesting why not 70?). Each level will be at a new location. Well not each but most of them.


The searching for items process is pretty standard. But there will always be a couple of items writen in blue on the list. It means that you might need to zoom in a certain area on a scene to find the item. 


Big_City_Adventure__VancouverThere are also coins hidden on the scenes. Some of them will grant you bonus points, others extra time, and some will give you hints. Hidden object levels alternate with one of a variety of puzzles; solve both, and you're on to the next location.


Hidden object levels are not the only activity for you. You will also have to play all kinds of puzzles and mini-games in between. Those will include word searches, assemble jigsaws, assemble a path for a bobsled, fit Tetris-like blocks into a box, and so on.


Most of the mini-games are not going to be a problem, and the more experienced players might be a bit bored with them, but you just have to take it as it is cause there is not way to skip them.


That's Big City Adventure: Vancouver in a nutshell. The trial version will give a bigger an idea about the game.

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Game Review   2010-02-22


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This is Big City Adventure: Vancouver review. Download this game here.