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Game Review   2007-05-15


Bird PiratesBird Pirates: Familiar Birds in Unfamiliar Place


As you may remember, the first version of funny bird adventures Birds on a Wire is rather addictive zuma-like arcade.


And here comes the second version presented by Intenium. Check out more info on the game here


There were no special plot, but the very game-play made us play for hours. Bird Pirates is a sequel to this game featuring unique game story and the game play based on a quite a unique concept.


From the very beginning we plunge into a real pirate adventure.   Lots of shadowy palms, sandy beaches, azure ocean and a ship with a flock of cheeky bird buccaneers aboard... They sail to find a treasure island and you are to help them to get jewellery and coins. The game play resembles Luxor, Zuma and other matching shooters.


Move the gun on the bottom of the playing field to aim. Click left mouse button to launch birds and right one to swap between the current and next ones.


Bird PiratesTry to react as quickly as you can. The rope is winding and that makes your job pretty more complicated. And in this respect, Bird Pirates are more difficult, in comparison to the previous game, where the wire was straight. Besides, there is a dangerous bomb in the end of a wire.


Don't let the birds reach the end of it and drop a bomb on their ship. In order to put them off and clear the whole playing field, create matches of three or more creatures. If you success while playing you'll be rewarded with various jewels, coins and helpful bonuses falling out of the  bomb. Collect these bonuses and treasures to score extra points.


Be ready in the end of each level as there is a little blue bird which runs very quickly along the rope and grants you additional points.


Bird PiratesAlso you may earn more score with the help of some power-ups. You'll be informed of the possible ones before you start the level. Aim bonus, for example, gives you additional score and points the most efficient place to shoot. The pleasant moment for ambitious players in the Bird Pirates is its awarding system.


You may be a Treasure Hunter (for getting 50.000 points) or a Lord of Plunders (for getting 1 million points). If you are lucky to mark 7 or 15 combo in a row be ready to become an Expert Gunner or Master Gunner correspondingly. Also for perfect passing various bonus games you will be granted with a Silver Frigate, Sphere of Ocean, Mariners Wheel and so on.


As you complete each level you may have a look at your current results and achievements. Such useful data as number of fired birds, shooting accuracy, the longest chains and treasures etc is displayed on the information screen.


Bird PiratesBy the way, don't try to find some other modes in Bird Pirates as you are used to in Birds on a Wire. I am not certain if it's right or wrong, but only one mode is available. But the increasing complexity of the game compensates this little mischief.


There are more and more bird colors from level to level and of course, their number and speed is increasing. All in all, an addictive game-play of Bird Pirates together with its adventure-based plot, nice graphics and music make this game the right thing to enjoy in your leisure time. Aside from this, such picturesque tropic background pleases our eye more than usual before the hot summer season.



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Game Review   2007-05-15


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