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Game Review   2007-09-11


Build-a-lot Game DownloadEarn a lot with Build-a-lot


Build-a-Lot is the latest game developed by Hipsoft. This strategy game will introduce you to the huge world of real estate and will have you constructing, repairing, and demolishing houses and involve with real estate sales and purchase.


You won't need to rummage in accounting or put your muscles to work.



Like every tycoon game, Build a Lot is aimed at making money.


Build-a-lot Game DownloadIt is possible to learn the basics of the game from 3-stage tutorial. On each level of the Carreer mode you will have to achieve the certain goals such as: earn the fixed money for rent, earn the certain number houses of special type, construct fixed number of buildings etc. Mind that it should be done in the limited time.


Your first source of money comes from the houses that you own and let out for rent. So, if you have a spare lot, the first thing to do with it is to construct a house to further let it out. There are several types of houses each with different rent rate: starting from simple ramblers and up to posh mansions and castles. As you play through the game you will gradually unlock more expensive real estate. By constructing and renting it you will be able to make more profit.


What brings more variety into the game is the fact you will be moving from one city to another and build your real estate business in 9 cities.


Build-a-lot Game DownloadAside from your own real-estate operations you will have to fulfill the wishes of each city mayor.


Say, the mayor of little town would love to see more Tudor-style houses as they remind him of his childhood. Thus, your aim is to construct Tudor-style houses on the empty lots that you own. And if you buy any more houses, you've got to demolish them and construct Tudor houses.


It's still hard to stop marveling how close this game is to the real-life, and how easy it is!


Just like in real life, you can only construct, repair or upgrade your house provided you have


- workforce;

- materials;

- and money.



As you progress in Build-a-lot, you'll be able to expand any sort of funds that forms your business.


Build-a-lot Game DownloadYou can hire and train more constructors, buy drafts of new types of houses and buildings.


The only thing that you should generously invest your money in are building materials. Be sure to always get them because they are a must for every new construction or renovation.


All kinds of houses can be upgraded, which will raise their rent rates. You can upgrade houses with newly-designed kitchen, bathes, hard-wood floors, new wireless system etc. This is a good way to raise your overall rent income. So, if you're not making the required rent rate, that means that you've got to construct or buy more houses for rent or upgrade the real estate you already own.


This sort of information is logically incorporated within the game interface, which makes the latter very user-friendly. It is easy to navigate and progress. So, Build-a-lot will have you earning a lot.


Good luck!

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Game Review   2007-09-11


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ali  2008-01-06 14:06:20

hazem  2008-04-27 08:19:40
thanksssssssssssss but i want the registration code

cindy  2008-04-05 00:59:55
I like the game but I can't beat ten I can't get enough money.
and what type of home do they won't me to build.

Chech  2007-12-31 07:39:52
Great game!, could someone send me a registration code pleaseee!!!

jessica  2007-09-17 17:33:55
I lovve this game =]

shayla  2007-09-15 21:51:42
this game is AMASING!!!!!!!!

I love it i wish it would give a longer free trial though!!!


Barbara  2007-09-23 09:31:53
I too loved this game and thought that the trial didn't last long enough. I downloaded it again from www.hipsoft.com (the makers of the game) and could play the first 4 cities even though it took me over 2 hours (I replayed several levels). So maybe a tip for those of us who want an extra go at the game.

Shannon  2007-09-30 14:42:49
This game is totaly awsome! I wonder if i can buy it at a store!

shae  2007-10-02 16:49:43
this is the best came ever made


Sheree  2007-10-03 01:24:52
I bought the game and like but I can't win level 17 and am tired of playing it over and over, so it was fun until then. If anyone can help me I would sure appreciate it.

Devina.Angelica.Larosa  2007-10-05 05:58:49
I love this game!no other game is amasing then this!

jpeanut  2007-10-05 16:18:18
This game is awesome! So different from any other game and I love real estate!!! This is so fun I cannot stop playing it! I am going to need a 12 step program just to stop!

sass  2007-10-11 07:00:58
Sheree I can help you if you wish. I'm stuck on level 29. Email me at sasspot3@gmail.com

marko babic  2007-10-19 12:57:02

princess anelise  2007-10-21 09:21:13
i think this game is bored much.i have made a best game.it was the newest and coolest game than this silly game built-a-lot.i hate this game very much.well as a princess cannot say that but no cares it was true.it is not imazing at all.and i always like not simple game.this game is really simple untill i can almost finish the game at the lastest level.it is too bad to play.people reed what i wrote it was true.i really hate this game a lot and sass poor you cannot done the lastest level.and 1 thing.people who play this is really stupid like the people who create this silli game

betta lisa  2007-10-21 09:24:43
princess anelise was wrong the game is fun.she is silly not the game.and she is not even a princess.she is just my anemie.

buffy  2007-10-22 15:35:06
I think this game is great! I also think that the princess needs to learn to spell!

chen  2007-11-05 21:27:25
since u brought the game y not tell us the registration code? so we can play full!!! LOL!!!

Santa Claus  2007-11-06 20:51:42
I wonder if there is a FREEWARE version of this somewhere that way I don't have to go out and buy the game. Anyone know where I can play this WITHOUT running into the 1 hour trial period or having to buy the game?? What can I say I am cheap and the elves have better things to do then search the net before Christmas!

Santa Claus  2007-11-06 21:04:49
I would like to see a "Sim City Game" version where the game is more lifelike with moving cars going up and down the street and you can also enter in disasters for your town such as tornados, floods, wind, thunder storms, etc. See people moving in and out of the buildings, walking on the side walks, even click on the building and see people moving around in the bank, workshop. sawmill, school, library, railroad, subway, malls, stores, restaurants, etc. Make it a 3-D game with more then 100 levels that way it makes it more fun and worthwhile buying What do you think??

Jacqueline  2007-11-10 06:21:08
Help. I cannot go to level 31. The button is dimmed. Does anyone have any experience like I did?

LostNthose Eyes62  2008-01-14 11:39:10
anybody have a registration code

chris  2007-11-23 12:18:27
this game is ok i did like it i was playing on the dell games i only got to play till the 5th level :[ santa good suggestion on the game the bud well gtg too bed lawl im only 13 :]

KATIE  2007-12-06 21:58:00

JA  2007-12-14 06:58:45
Builf-a-lot is awsome. I work in real estate so it is also easy. I didnt loose any game. I am only at 26 lewel after 5-6 hours of playing at the moment and I hawe 182.000.000$ Yes, right, 182 million dollars.

My reccomend and hint tactics for the game is:

Somebody asked about lewel 17 so do like that:

1) Begin making one Tudor. When Tudor is finished. Upgrade it x3 times.

2) Sell Tudor at once after the its 3 upgrades finished. You get first good money for the beginning of lewel.

2) Buy materials. The hint is to buy best quantity possible and not to buy small quantities if possible. In this case buy the biggest quantity, but only one time.

3) Now take free lot and go to buildings. Take and Build Workshop. It is for all begginings, because you must boost up your workers for cheapest price. In this case do it now!

4) Ok now you need Mill but in 17th lewel you dont get it so forget about cheap materials but in later missions make it after Workshop.

5) You need Bank. Bank needs more workers. So make the biggest quantity for one time. In this case you must take 3 new workers for wery cheap price only 60.000 dollars. Thank not for me but for your Workshop which you made just before workers, because otherwise you lost.

6) Ok. Now you must make the Bank Donate. Because otherwise you will be lost in taxes.

7) Now you must build one Estate. After it is build, take materials and build one more Estate. Upgrade them both plus 4 upgrades and sell for best price. If they want it cheap refuse to sell. Another times you get more that is true in reality also. Ok so you sold your one or better to Estates all upgraded and got for one Estate 780.000 $. So you should hawe first million dollar just in the beggining of the game now.

8) Do the same all the game. Buy free lots or cheap houses and at once make those cheap houses DEMOLISHES because you will at once make new Estates and upgrade them and sell if want more money or dont sell if you need them. Thats it. You hawe all the money from Estates in this mission.

P.S. In later missions the same, just begin the same, just do business from biggest possible buildings. At first one at a time. Just remember the hint -- sell it all upgraded always. And you will be reach. To do it wery quick, dont be greedy and after you sell two more big buildings and get about million dollars, dont be afraid of anything, just spend all these money at once on many workers about 24 and Materials about 25-40thousands dollars. After this you can do multiple jobs at once without any waitings. You hawe many workers and many Materials. You Demolish small houses and build most Exclusiwe ones. And if you need a little money -- just sell one or two exclusiwe houses and you'll become rich again, only this time you hawe all the city of exclusiwe houses which also makes your rent about 250 thousands of dollars at one time. Ok good luck. Best game ewer. Hope it will become upgraded like Sims was for children. It could be best real estate game from times of monopoly. Bye.

cjacquin1  2007-12-14 08:50:57
I am having trouble with level 27. how can i beat it.

cjacquin1  2007-12-14 09:06:21
i mean level 29

tubby  2008-07-20 13:31:12
i need a registration code too..this game is the best i played in years

fil1997  2008-08-08 13:20:41
o download Г© com tempo(60 min) ou sem tempo(para sempre)?

jane  2008-09-14 03:32:12
xcellent game is there more than 2?

jane,  2008-09-14 03:36:38
ive done all levels and beaten the times to get the bonus,so now im wanting a 3rd game.also a tip when u get to the last levels,build workshop and recycling plant then u get cheap workers and materials and near end of level demolish workshop and recycling plant and build either park or house.also garden center lets u landscape houses and when u sell u get more money.weeeeeeeeeeeeee i have both regerstration codes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sara  2009-01-06 18:10:46
I have the games and i just love them.

vinu  2009-09-04 04:46:27
i like this game

Pharma576  2009-08-23 12:12:07
Very nice site!

lsmm   2009-11-25 19:10:55
anybody have a registration code nedd it

Brian  2009-12-15 16:02:30
I love this game. Can someone send me the registration code PLEEASSSE.

HHH  2010-07-29 23:55:36
I have the first game on iphone, and CANNOT finish level 35. Anyone help??

bobthook  2011-10-10 03:31:22

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