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Game Review   2007-06-24


Burger IslandBurger Island - become the best chef in this arcade game.


Burger Island, developed by Egames and published by Sandlot Games, is the game that gets more and more of you as you succeed. You are to cook for the customers in a burger stand. As you earn money you can get more recipes. The rush is the characteristic of your every day.



The story of the game is about a girl who survived after a shipwreck.


Burger IslandThe story of the game begins with Patty, the game heroine, being washed to an island after the shipwreck with no money, I.D. and anything else.


The girl meets elderly local couple who hire her for one day and then give her their restaurant, a burger stand.


From this moment on Patty starts her business and a 32 teeth smile appears on her face to never disappear again.



You'll have a French mannered tutor to teach you to cook all the recipes.


Burger IslandBefore you get into the rush you meet a French mannered waiter, or whoever he is, who introduces you to the techniques of cooking.


He is a funny guy with a sullen grin, speaking half English half French.


He not only teaches you, but also appears once in a while to check how it goes with cooking and to show you his dissatisfaction if you mess up with something.


You can buy new recipes as you get more money. Every recipe gets available for purchase only after a certain level.


Burger IslandYou start the game with only some basic recipes like hamburgers, fries and milkshakes.


As you get more money you are able to buy new recipes that have more ingredients then the initial ones and take more time to cook, like cheeseburger, spicy fries, strawberry milkshake.


After a few levels you start getting into a kind of a shop where you can buy new recipes from the local tribe leader.


Most of them are locked and as you point at them you can see after what level they are available for purchase.


Try to find ways to group the actions to save your time and not let your customers leave unsatisfied.


Burger IslandThe only strategy for the game is finding ways to group the actions to save time.


And you need to keep an eye on the time, which is shown near every order, in order not to let the customers leave cause that will cost you one of your three lives.


Try to find wise ways to save your time because you can not, for example, grill many stakes to store as they'll burn if you don't have orders for them.


You must be also careful with performing the orders and not mess up things. When you get the order, the recipe of the dish that is ordered is shown above. So having four different orders be careful to perform them correctly.


The game will drain you and make you wanna go out to have some meal.


Burger IslandThe graphics of Burger Island are really cute and attractive, the meals look very mouthwatering and make you wanna go to the nearby restaurant to get a bunch of fries.


Though it gets a bit boring because the actions a too similar, the game itself is challenging and accomplishing some levels' tasks will take a few tries.


Burger Island is a great game of its type that will make you feel tired like after working a few shifts and like going to refresh yourself.

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Game Review   2007-06-24


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Marlene  2012-09-23 06:54:27
Hello Amy!Thank you for writing on the 100WC this week elaeciplsy as you are on holiday. I really like the way you have made hands the character here. It is as if they have a life of their own. I do hope some of the others have a go at this challenge. Hope your holiday is going well!

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