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Game Review   2007-10-14


Download Burger Shop GameBurger Shop - Become Fast Food Mogul


Fast food restaurants seem to have become an integral part not only of our life, but of the computer games as well. Burger Shop is a diner dash type game, developed and published by GoBit Games.



Having received blueprints of a strange machine, BurgerTron 2000, you start you own fast food restaurant.


Burger Shop Game Screenshot According to the story of the game, you have got a mysterious package with blueprints of a strange machine. There was no return address and so you, having nothing to lose, decided to build the machine. When you finished you found out that it was BurgerTron 2000, a machine that produces all kinds of food items. You decide to risk all your life savings, investing them into a fast food restaurant. Having just opened it, you have only your BurgerTron 2000 in you restaurant. And the only thing you can serve is burgers and cheeseburgers.


Your working place gets jammed with all kinds of machines very soon.


Burger Shop - Hall of Fame But don't be afraid - it won't take long before your first upgrade. Before you start every new level, you are offered to choose an upgrade for your restaurant. The upgrades are very different and numerous: Fries, Large Cola, Chicken Sandwich, Cookies, Large Orange Soda, Chocolate Ice Cream etc. There are not only the upgrades to choose from, you can also choose a power-up. For example, a Money, Happy or Speed Power-up. These are small signs that would be attached to a food item. Once the item is used, a power-up gets activated. So, as you can understand, the further you go the more new machines you get and very soon the room is jammed with all kinds of machines.


There are four game modes according to the way you want to play the game - Story, Challenge, Relax, and Expert.


Burger Shop - Game Screenshot As you progress, you build a new restaurant every few levels. You are also introduced to a new customer with short information about their preferences every little while. The information can be used when you choose a new upgrade. If you have something that a particular customer likes, you will get more points. The game can be played in several modes. These are: Story, Challenge, Relax, and Expert. Having gone far enough in the Story Mode, you unlock the rest of the modes.


If you feel good enough, you can try and see for how long you can survive in the Challenge Mode. The Relax Mode is for those who want to enjoy the game itself without tough time limits. And if you think you are a Burger Shop expert, go to the corresponding mode, the Expert Mode.


Burger Shop is a challenging and attractive game that makes your mouth water and, thus, making you want to go to the nearby fast food restaurant.

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Game Review   2007-10-14


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ReMoosh  2008-01-19 12:58:03
i like this game too mush and i love all the games in webite game nile

maleeyah  2007-10-15 21:09:34
i love this game

Becky  2007-11-02 04:37:23
I love this game

kelly  2007-11-12 11:01:36
I love this game, very entertaining!!

judith  2007-11-15 00:38:23
i very................................love this game.it is a fun challenging and entertaining game.I always play this game

alyssa  2007-11-27 13:03:46
i love this game like every one said i belive i could play th is game all my li fe

belinda  2007-12-17 17:16:00
i love this game its great i cud play this for 4eva

Jeanell  2008-08-25 15:27:57
This game is really fun it puts you in the position as if you are really ser5ving the customers.I got all the way to the island shop on the game but then that's when the orders get crazy big

Jeanell  2008-08-25 15:29:11
This game is really fun it puts you in the position as if you are really ser5ving the customers.I got all the way to the island shop on the game but then that's when the orders get crazy big

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