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Game Review   2009-08-07


Burger Shop 2Burger Shop 2 - All The Food You Can Eat!

Today I'm going to bring great news to all time-management addicts. If you are one, you are sure to remember the fascinating and challenging game Burger Shop from GoBit Games. Now the second part is released - even tastier than the original game!

Restore the burger empire? Piece of cake!

Burger Shop 2If you remember the story of the first Burger Shop, in the end chapter some aliens obtained the bllueprints for BurgerTron 2000, and in this part they secretly sent those to some people on Earth. You were one of them and, actually, the only one who was able to build the machine and start a successful chain of restaurants. Everything was running smoothly and fast until one not that sunny day you woke up in a dirty dumpster with a bump on your hand. Your restaurant headquarters looks decrepit and almost destroyed. No one can tell you anything about what happened, but you have an opportunity to purchase the building for one dollar from a strange man who claims himself to be the owner. So, you start your fast-food empire from scratch, and at the same time you'll be conducting your own investigation and eventually learn what happened.

Burger Shop 2The basic game mechanics of Burger Shop 2 is the same as in the original game. You have a conveyor with different ingredients coming along it and customers ordering certain items. Some foods can be just assembled from products on the conveyor, like burgers, breakfast plates or cakes. Others require the use of machines, the simplest possible use of a machine is making a soda or soup when all you do is take the necessary container, putting it to the corresponding machine and waiting for the order to be ready. Others are more complex. For examples, to make waffles with butter you have first to toast the waffles, then to company them with a plate and a some butter. To make some flakes you'll need to put the bowl first to the flakes machine then to the milk machine, or vice versa. Others are even more complicated. What is good you can choose what to add to your menu, so if you don't like something particularly, you can leave it for later. As the choice is extremely wide - besides burgers, sodas, fries and ice-cream, there are also pizzas, soups, steaks, toasts, dinner rolls, milk and juices, salads, cakes, pancakes, waffles, and many more, not mentioning different dressings and additions. There are also some new machines, like the oven and the toaster, and each level you'll have a different set of them for your disposal, not everything at the same time.

Burger Shop 2Tip: try to prepare the products in machines beforehand - this will save you significant time. And you are not penalized for wasting something, so it's absolutely recommended.

Aside from the variety of food to offer to your customers, there is also a wide variety of customers. Some of them will be familiar to you from the first game, and some are totally new, like, for instance, the mime who doesn't have his own opinion and so chooses whatever other people are eating, or the old man who prefers to take a look at the menu before making his order. There are many more, so you won't be bored. Definitely.

As to the graphics, sounds, the overall balance and addictiveness - it's all perfect. And be sure to get yourself something to chew before you start playing!

Are you still here? I'm away to Burger Shop 2, and I suggest that you do the same - for the ultimate time-management fun!

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Game Review   2009-08-07


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