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Game Review   2009-11-17


Cake Shop 2 - Even More Cakes, More Fun and More Challenge!

Cake Shop 2At last one can see a ray of hope in the abundance of hidden object games we've been observing recently! EleFun Games have brought us some happiness as Cake Shop 2 - a time management game all about making cakes. Those who didn't find the first part of the series addicting enough, should play the sequel as a must to see how significantly it has improved. Actually, it's an example worthy of praise, of how much a team of developers can do to change a sequel to better unrecognizably.

Have you ever constructed your own cafe on the beach? It's a sitter for Emily!

Cake Shop 2The beginning of the whole story is rather habitual: Emily meets Federico at his wayside cafe, who has jut finished all works around it, as his mobile phone rings to tell him that his granny is getting married for the 7th time. Of course, Federico can not miss such an event! So, he tells Emily to look after the cafe while he is away. However, Emily manages the business pretty well. She even got some money on credit to buy some equipment and build her own cafe on the beach! The more she earns the quicker her new cafe is constructed!

Cake Shop 2At first, you have only cakes to assemble orders and serve them to your customers. Then there come coffee, cola, soda, pop-corn and all your favourite food and sweet treats. It would not be that easy to serve them all in time if you didn't have bonuses. Yeah, that's what can help you when the time is quicker than you! Just freeze it for 20 seconds and be happy to get more tips. Or, you can just serve a bonus to replace any order with it. Would you like your machines to quicken and quests become more patient? Just use an appropriate bonus and it's ok!

To sum up, I would like to emphasize that this release has been improved significantly compared to its predecessor. It's definitely worth playing and your good mood is guaranteed!

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Game Review   2009-11-17


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KAthy  2009-12-18 02:49:15
Very delicious game))

Jadsadawut  2012-03-03 11:14:20
Your favs bring back some great memories . . . rnidig the underground train through the Black Mesa Research Facility at the beginning of Half Life and redefining game immersion . . . playing my brother at Jedi Knight our computers connected by a long null cable between our bedrooms and screaming insults as force moves were traded . . . zooming through Doom's clean, fast levels with the lights out and the heart racing . . .Some other games that defined me:Pong (Commodore 64?) kept me off drugs for at least two extra yearsSabre Wolf (Spectrum 48K of rubber keys fame!) precursor to ZeldaDouble Dragon (arcade) make or break friendships in an afternoon's playZak McKraken and the Alien Mindbenders (PC) Use the kazoo with the red paint in the kitchen cupboard . . . why didn't I think of that?! Creepy puzzler with oodles of atmosphereMaster of Orion II (PC) attempt to control the galaxy through any means you see fit. Very well-balanced and addictive God-sim.Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis one of a series of excellent LucasArts titles extending the Jones mythology.Goldeneye (N64) exceptionally designed first-person shooter with bags of replay valuePrince of Persia (GameCube) exquisite atrwork and control as you somersault, pirouette, and do Matrix style time-manipulations around a beseiged Persian metropolis.I could go on for hours . . . NHLPA Hockey 94, Landstalker, The Mask of Majora, Resident Evil Remake, Elite, Jet Set Willy, X Wing Alliance . . . I spent a lotta time staring at the shiny bubble . . . and I don't regret one moment!

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