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Game Review   2007-10-03


Carrie the caregiver 2 Preschool IntroCarrie the Caregiver 2 Preschool - Again on a Mission


After diapering babies in all of 6 continents tireless Carrie the Caregiver is back again for another child-care odyssey. But this time things are more thrilling and dangerous for your nerves as you'll have to handle toddlers of 4 or 5 in the new sequel Carrie the Caregiver 2: Preschool.



As you open the game, you recognize the same touching hand-made graphics and a new, very soothing melody.


Carrie the caregiver 2 Preschool ScreenshotAnd of course, Carrie, your old acquaintance. But this time she's obtained more experience and has even adopted a little African girl while traveling around the world on her first mission. So, now Carrie's set to become a school teacher but before... she needs to learn how to handle 4-year-old toddlers who start to show their characters...


Bigger kids mean bigger problems. This is just the case with the second version of the game. Not only you will have to teach your toddlers draw, create shapes, and write their names. Moreover, you will have to feed and bake cookies for them. The full preschool course with Carrie lasts 75 levels in single mode, and this is not the end. Each activity comprises multiple tasks; and each task is made even more complicated in case a child has a difficult character (gets impatient in no time at all)...


Just to give you a picture of one of the drawing lessons - here's a list of your tasks:


Carrie the caregiver 2 Preschool1. Take a kid to a vacant easel.
2. Bring him/her a paintbrush, when they ask for it.
3. Prepare a paint of the color the kid will ask for. (This means you will need to grab a plastic box from the pile and pour the paint into it).
4. Bring it to the kid.
5. Wait until he/she draws a picture.
6. When the kid is finished, click on the easel to clean the easel - and the happy child will disappear(one less problem!).
7. The last thing to do is to grab the painting and hang it to the wall with help of paper clips.


Huh... Did I miss anything?


Oh yes, I did. It's clear you will get quickly stressed out due to such a tensed schedule.


This is why you will have to constantly grab snacks that your supervisor hands out to you rather often. By the way, the helpful hand of your supervisor will offer you a pair of your old roller skates that you used to put on in the first version. They will speed up the process, so never lose your chance to rush to the open door and grab them.


Carrie the caregiver 2 PreschoolThis is how you can earn extra points:

1. The coming kids wear sweaters of different colors. Be sure to match the sweater color of the child with the color of the easel frame. You can do that by "dragging" a child to the easel of the corresponding color.
2. Match the paintings color with the color of the clips on the wall.
3. Chain your actions.
4. Serve two kids at the same time.


And here's the bad news:

Red-headed kids get easily impatient. So, in case you have to keep them waiting in line, be sure to grab a chair. On some levels, you can keep the waiting kids entertained by playing the guitar melody to them or hand out a book for them to read.

Normally, every level of the game introduces more challenges like less patient kids or more tasks to do. But the good thing is it also offers you more chances to solve them. I guess the truth is obvious, Carrie the Caregiver 2 is so far the most multi-tasked game of all time-management titles.

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Game Review   2007-10-03


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bob  2008-02-07 13:04:35
why downloed it

samantha black  2007-10-16 16:25:16
oh my god i just luv your game i would do anything for it!!!

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This is Carrie the Caregiver 2 Preschool review. Download this game here.