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Game Review   2008-02-25


Cate_West___The_Vanishing_FilesCate West - The Vanishing Files - Quite Perfect


Being overflooded by new releases, the market of casual games has a lot to offer. But not every game is worth the time and maybe the money spent.


Hidden-object style games are one of the most loved by gamers and the reasons for this are obvious. The only problem is to manage to find the best games out of the good ones of this genre.


Well, you are free not to trust my opinion, but I believe Cate West - The Vanishing Files is one of those. The best ones, I mean.





It's a mysterious hidden-object game from Gamenauts. You are to solve a number of linked cases getting deeply into the atmosphere of danger and mystery.



Cate_West___The_Vanishing_FilesFirst of all I would like to say a few words about the atmosphere of the game. The game is supposed to convey a mysterious crime story that is interconnected with the personal story of the main character - Cate.


So the developer did a great job as both the graphics and the music (especially the piano part) fits perfectly and makes you feel like you are in a detective thriller or something. The characters look and sound very cool. Well done!


Now the story. In the very beginning you get just a little bit about Cate - you learn that her father died in his wife's hands. That's actually pretty much all that you get. Quite soon Cate meets two detectives and joins their team. She uses the visions that she has had from her childhood in this work.


Step by step as they solve crimes they realize that they are linked. And soon the person behind it actually contacts our characters. Another thing that they learn is that all these crimes have something to do with Cate's father...



Every chapter of the game includes 5 different tasks.



Cate_West___The_Vanishing_FilesNot only the form of the game is great, but also the content. The game consists of chapters, and every chapter involves 5 different tasks.


One of them is a classic hidden-object one - you are to find all of the things on the list within a limited time. After all the clues are found, and Cate analyzed them you get two left.


The next task is to recollect these clues by pieces hidden on the screens. After that Cate can see the location of the criminal and this is where you are to find the differences between two pictures.


Having done that, you are to pick a criminal out of a number of suspects. You do that by giving the main two clues to Cate to analyze. Then she gives you some information and you find the criminal using their information lists.


And the last part of the chapter is to match two scenes. You get two screens and a row of things present in one of them and absent in the other one. You are to place all the things on their places.


As you see - there are a lot of things to enjoy in this game.


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Game Review   2008-02-25


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This is Cate West - The Vanishing Files review. Download this game here.