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Game Review   2007-06-15


ChocolatierChocolatier - Yummy Tycoon Game


Chocolatier, developed by Big Splash Games and published by PlayFirst, will take you about hundred years back and make you live the luscious life of chocolatier. Tons of recipes, all kinds of ingredients and the whole world to travel around are waiting for you in the game.



You start your business with a plant in San Francisco.


ChocolatierEvangeline Baumeister introduces you to the art of chocolate making.


You are to re-establish the family business, to re-open the factories, to find all the ancient recipes and make a lot of money, of course.


You start from San Francisco with just one factory and a few recipes at hand. And the point is to create a brand name and a customized logo for your business, get thigs up and running. 


The ingredients required for the production will direct your actions.


ChocolatierThe amount of money you have is displayed on the screen all the time.


Besides, there is a book full of recipes for all kinds of chocolate stuff you can produce. Use it to find out what ingredients you need to produce something.


There is also a map that shows you the places you can go to buy the required ingredients and how much that will cost you.


Then, you can always see what ingredients you have in your inventory. So check all these items to find out what you need to do and where to go.


The chocolate products are manufactured automatically. But it's you who assign the recipe and determine the efficiency of the factory by playing a mini-game. 




ChocolatierAfter a while you'll find yourself rushing from one place to another buying, selling and producing the chocolate products.


You don't produce the chocolate stuff yourself in this game. The production process is automatic in this factory no matter how far your fortune and hunger for success bring you.   


But you choose the recipe and you can go to the factory to set the amount of bars to be produced per week.


You do that by playing a mini-game in which you are to shoot the correct ingredients into treys that rotate around a chocolate making machine. The more successful you are in the mini-game, the more efficient your factory will be.


Try to get better prices both for the ingredients and your products.


ChocolatierTry to be a wise businessman. This is a moral of Fairy Godmother Tycoon, and this game as  well.


You can buy some of the ingredients and sell your products only in particular places.


So try to check, while being on a trip to sell your products it's reasonable for you to buy the ingredients you are running short of if they are sold at a reasonable price. 


The prices for your products as well as for the ingredients change all the time and differ from place to place.


So it's also worth checking the prices for some ingredients elsewhere and buy them if the price is low. You can also try haggling with the merchants to get better prices for the ingredients but be careful not to get them angry.   


The game can be played in two modes: Story and Free Play.


ChocolatierThere are two modes that determine the streamline of the game plot.


The Story Mode is rather challenging as the point of it is to re-establish the family business and find 64 recipes. It's going to take pretty much of your time, for sure.


The Free Play Mode gets you start you business with $10 000 and all the recipes unlocked. 


The picturesque graphics and mind-bending  game play will make Chocolatier not just your favorite appetizer but the main dish as well.

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Game Review   2007-06-15


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Duc  2007-07-10 22:03:18
This game is great and can become addictive. I believe the story mode is the most interesting since we need to pay attention to many tracks leading to new recipes. However, I've encountered the 'truffle' extinction syndrome (no more merchants offering any quantity of truffle) so the truffle production must be stopped! Is it an indication of the game to be that way or any shortcoming in the program, I don't know but I do love the time spent on the game.

Elizabeth  2007-06-25 17:51:27
This game kept me entertained forever. I finally went to bed at 2:30 in the morning because I had to get up at seven the next morning.

allbitche  2007-06-19 07:17:50
i love this game, it is awesome

Erin  2008-01-08 20:14:19
I've played this game four times already. Three in Story Mode, once in Free Play Mode. Free Play Mode was kind of boring. Story Mode is a lot more fun. And this game is EXTREMELY addicting! Once you start, you can't stop! I've actually started signing in under various different names and starting the whole game over again. It's more fun for me that way.

Katie  2007-09-10 18:05:50
I loved this game. I'm seriously considering buying it. Who doesn't love chocolate? And the storyline is good, it's entertaining, and I was sorry when the free trial ended. I had a lot of fun with it.

BREANNA =]  2007-09-25 15:29:44

Sinan  2012-02-20 01:03:37
I don?t even know how I ended up here, but I thhguot this post was good. I do not know who you are but certainly you're going to a famous blogger if you aren't already Cheers!

Chapo  2012-04-05 03:01:48
CHEF JOHN!!!! considerThe entigrity of this recipe is spot on BUT there is a chemical reaction that happens when introducing alcohol to tomatoes. When you burn off the alcohol before-hand, you lose that flavor that occurs. The reason you use Vodka is because it is (supposedly) an odorless, flavorless alcoholic agent. Its not the flavor of the vodka, rather the chemical reaction that makes Vodka Sauce so special. I make it the same way other than that Hit me back!!!

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