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Game Review   2008-02-26


Coffee Rush introCoffee Rush - your portion of caffeine

Coffee Rush from Anarchy Enterprises is a new representative of the growing list of games with mixed genre. It combines elements of match 3 and time-management game play and falls into the same row as Pizza Chef or Burger Rush. But I would say Coffee Rush would win the competition in its category due to tons of exciting features it offers.

The story of the game begins when the evil Smokestack Coffee Company occupies the whole city with its coffee shops.

Coffee Rush mapThe problem is that the Smokestack owners adhere to the philosophy of low quality and high price, which makes their customers mad. Moreover, they pollute the atmosphere of the whole city, and that is surely not the best way to do business. So your are proposed to challenge the unconscientious corporation and drive them out of the city and of the industry.

Start your own coffee business with a small shop in Suburbia and expand your coffee empire to all the 7 neighborhoods, where you'll meet lots of unique customers with their unique peculiarities.

As I already said, the game is a combination of match 3 and time-management genres. Your main task, as in most time-managements, is to serve all the customers coming to your shop in the shortest time possible in order to earn the highest tips. Customers lose their patience if you do not work fast enough, and they can even leave if you linger with their order for too long. At the stage of fulfilling the orders you will be offered traditional match 3 game play, for each recipe consists of certain ingredients needed to prepare it, such as coffee seeds, milk or sugar. In order to get the ingredients you will have to match them on the playfield. The game features 3 difficulty levels to choose from and 3 goals for each level to reach. It's enough to achieve Level Goal to pass it, but it may be quite a challenge to reach Expert and Super Goals, so there is no limit for perfection.

Coffee Rush playfieldBe ready to face really demanding customers who will lose their patience rather quickly (and  even threaten you with a police club). You will have some ways to improve the situation at your disposal.

First, there are treats you can give to customers in order to increase their patience. At the beginning of the game you will be given one for a level. Later on you will be able to buy additional ones in the shop after each level together with more fancy coffee recipes to be served (surely, they will bring you more money). Second, you will be getting bonuses such as lollipops or ice-cream during the game after a certain number of matches. Those can be used any time and will increase the patience of the most angry customer in the shop.

Tip: after a few levels you will be able to hold orders to change their size from small to medium or large, which will bring you lots of tips.

And one more pleasant feature - after each level you will get access to comprehensive stats showing every detail of every level played - watch your progress!

The game's tempo is quite high (that's Coffee RUSH, isn't it?), so you will need all your attention and speed. A really nice game to try during your coffee break!

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Game Review   2008-02-26


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jenessa  2008-03-24 13:49:48
i dont like this game it would be more fun if you had to make the stuff they wanted in the kitchen and bring it back out to serve them

Nikola  2012-05-01 23:08:31
Nikola, slucajno naaletv na tvojot blog i navistina prijatno se iznenadiv me motivirashe ovoj tekst bidejki e blizok so tematikata koja ja razrabotuvam vo mojata magisterska teza samo edno pojasnuvanje, spinot, spored edno da receme opshto prifateno mislenje na mnogu eksperti za PR, ne e manipulacija, tuku alatka koja se koristi za menadziranje na odnosite so javnosta, so koja infomacijata se pretstavuva vo najdobroto mozno svetlo, pretstavuvajki sto e mozno pomalku nedostatoci a sto e mozno povekje dobri strani Spinot vprocem e sostaven del od strateshkite komunikacii, no poradi mediumskata jaka protiv ovaa tehnika za PR, sekako motivirana od nesovesnoto koristenje na ovaa altaka od strana na komunikolozite osobeno vo politikata, spinot se sveduva na nivo na manipulacija i propaganda.

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