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Game Review   2009-02-27


Continental CafeContinental Cafe - Make Your Dreams Real!

Welcome to Continental Cafe - the new game offering you a whole collection of puzzle mini-games together with some hidden object level as a treat. Popular restaurant theme, travels all over the world and challenging puzzles make the game a great sample of a potential hit, and its replay value is amazing.

What does a great restaurant start with? A couple of ultimate recipes!

Continental CafeActually, Laura Speed was just dreaming of having her own restaurant while working 18 hours a day at a cheap diner and buying cooking magazines on credit in the local convenience store. But her life changed in a moment - and why do you think? Wrong you are, it was not a rich uncle! But a Crazy4Cash scratch ticket - yes. Tons of cash in a second - and a perfect place for her new restaurant! After this tremendous luck all she needs is just a couple of recipes from the Ultimate Chefs located in five countries all over the world - and why not go for it? Our heroine doesn't hesitate to start her mission for the secret recipes of different cuisines. But, of course, things won't be exactly smooth, as Luke Flash, the wealthiest New York restaurant owner, is determined to interfere and prevent Laura from succeeding. Who knows what he is capable of?

So, you travel to 5 countries, including France, Thailand, Ecuador, Italy and Greece, meeting the best chefs and learning from them. But in order to get what you want you'll have to complete some their tasks, that are given in the form of puzzles. You'll have five puzzles for each country, and those can be done in any order and either on Normal or Hard difficulty level depending on whether you prefer to relax or face a real challenge.

Continental CafeThe puzzles are rather diverse and change a bit from stage to stage, though most of them stay the same, which doesn't make game play less addictive at all. You will try your hand at slide puzzles, a word game, Japanese crosswords, a collection of logic puzzles, some absolutely unique tasks and, surely, hidden object levels that are the reward for passing all the five games of each stage. Of course, you'll be able to replay any puzzle you wish. And after you complete a country you'll unlock a special Sudoku game available from your Scrap Book. The Scrap Book also lets you play any other puzzle at any time.

One more awesome feature is that all the recipes you get are real ones and you can use your Recipe Book to cook any of the exquisite dishes presented there, and you can even print your favorite ones for convenience! Housewives, rejoice!

The graphics of the game is bright and pleasant, and the game on the whole as of high quality. So, will Continental Cafe be our favorite place to visit?

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Game Review   2009-02-27


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