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Game Review   2008-04-07


Cooking_AcademyCooking Academy - Cook Your Way To Chef



Well, if you thought that only kids can learn something through computer games, you were wrong. This game form Fugazo will fill the time you spent on it not only with challenging tasks, but also with helpful advice.



You are to see and do here everything you can think of when you hear the word "cooking".


Cooking_AcademyWhat you are basically doing in this game is you cook, and cook, and cook. You are in a cooking academy where they try to teach you to be the best chef ever.


Everything depends on how hard you try. You are to cook some of the recipes and pass some exams but whatever you are doing will always have something to do with cooking. You accomplish all the tasks using your mouse.


And the tasks are going to include such things as peeling potatoes, slicing bread, mixing the dough, separating the eggs etc. Some of the tasks are not that difficult but some require very accurate touches with your mouse.


You are going to cook all kinds of dishes including mundane and exotic ones.


Cooking_AcademyCooking is actually your main activity in the game. You get instructions, cook and get some comments.


Variety of recipes makes the game more entertaining. The difficulty level of the game doesn't really increase. It's just that some of the recipes are more difficult than the others.


A good thing about this cooking game is that you can actually learn something for yourself. They give lots of general cooking advice that must be useful for whoever. I'm not sure about the proportions but the rest may be helpful for someone.


The game is special because we won't see lots of games that would look and play the same.


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Game Review   2008-04-07


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lina  2008-10-06 09:39:21
i love this game very much it a wonderful game i love it

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