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Game Review   2008-04-22


Dairy Dash intro Dairy Dash - Farming is much more fun than you thought!

Great news! The family of Playfirst time-management games is enlarged - welcome to Dairy Dash, a brand new addictive farming simulation developed by Merscom and Absolutist, which is sure to bring you tons of pleasure! The game offers you to rest from the routine of city life and find yourself in 52 levels of time-management fun wrapped in farming theme!

Sitting in one of Flo's cozy diners, the Smith family receives a letter from their Uncle Bill. And here everything starts...

Dairy Dash Meet the Smiths - Mr. and Mrs. Smith, successful business people, and their teenage daughter and son, genuine kids of the big city. They've never even dreamt of moving to the country, and farming seemd something remote and fantastic, until one day everything went upside down and the prospect of working at a farm started looking much more real. Mr. Smith plucked up his courage and decided to give it a try... And hasn't regretted it for a single moment! Neither will you, of that I'm sure, once you start your Dairy Dash.

So, at the beginning you will find yourself at a farm with a goat and a couple of chicken to take care of, and the lonely Mr. Smith at your disposal. There's nothing difficult or complicated about the game play - it's all about fast-paced clicking. All the animals demand attention (and your task is to keep all of them happy), but their needs are looped into a certain cycle, so you'll always know what each of them will want next. Actually, the cycle is very simple - food, water, produce, stock. Later in the game some tasks, as well as the cycles become more complicated, which gives you more diversity in the game. And, while at the first levels only Mr. Smith is here to help you, later he'll be accompanied by Mrs. Smith, then by their daughter, and in the end you'll have all the four characters ready to fulfill your tasks. And those will be many, as farming means not only caring for animals and selling their produce,but also growing vegetables, repairing truck, taking special orders, shooing crows and wolves and even making lemonade.

Dairy Dash Tip: try to fulfill several similar actions in a row, for chaining is the best way to reach level goals.

One great feature about the game is that even though you have four characters to control, you don't need to click on any of them or choose which one you want to fulfill the action. You just click to assign the task, and the closest free character eligible to do the action will make it - that's really convenient, for you don't have to keep in mind whom to appoint.

The game also offers fun mini-games with different types of game play (matching, popping, linking, etc. - suits any taste).

Cute cartoon graphics, engaging music and realistic farm sounds complete the impression.

So I do strongly recommend Dairy Dash to everyone looking for a high-quality time-maangement game. It's certainly worth your time!

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Game Review   2008-04-22


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nadine  2008-06-03 02:14:47
one the last farm where is the seeds?

Laurie Lou  2008-06-09 22:06:16
I can't get past level 48!! Does anyone have some helpful hints? I already know about chaining, and letting the goat's cheese sit to the end. Anything else? I'm stuck!!

Ashima Major  2008-06-10 08:38:33
Any clue on how to get past level 48.....No amout of chaining is helping.Howcome, at the start,after feeding the chickens, when you next feed the cows - I see no points adding???? Lemme know your opinion.Thanks

Karina  2008-05-16 02:09:02
Why level 21 is locked? How can i unlock it? I got expert score for levels from 1 to 16 and reached goal for 17 to 20.

Amy Hutchinson  2008-05-05 07:14:17
I absolutely loved being addicted to this amazing Diner Dash product. Just as good as the originals and maybe even twice as fun! This game is possitively one of my favourites and I enjoyed every second I played. Care for sheep, cows, goats, crops, hens and more! It's amazingly good fun and I can't help but be so excited about it! Five stars from me!

Tiffany  2008-06-26 14:43:54
I also am stuck on level 48. I do all the chaining I can and I still cant get higher than 40000 points. I am getting so frustrated! Any help would be appreciated, my sanity is at stake!!!! LOL!

Sharon  2008-07-21 17:54:26
nadine - the seeds are in the barn with the grooming tools. This is the little shed in the center bottom of the screen.

As for level 48, do NOT forget the lemonade. Drink as often as you can. Chaining is the key to this level, but don't wait for other farm animals. Keep going on everything until the sun sets, even if you know the animal won't produce. This gives you more chaining bonuses.

MAdhu  2009-02-17 22:39:08
Why level 21 is locked? How can i unlock it?

tonya  2009-12-06 23:47:06
I had the hardest time with level 48, but just got it and went straight to expert the first time I reached goal (we're talking days of trying!!) I finally figured out that the key is in chaining your products! the first round of produce, I wait till the pumpkins are ready, and then pick up the milk, pumpkins and eggs all at the same time, then run everything as usual, just trying to keep up with the animals needs and keep them happy, but I left the second batch of pumpkins, and only did 2 batches of cheese and left them till the end. I left the third batch of eggs till the end too. You have to really race the clock and drink lots of lemonade, but you can get 3 rounds of the sheep and cows...when I finally was able to beat the rooster on the sheep and cows, is when I passed the level. pick up everything AFTER to rooster crows. if you have goats milk, turn it into cheese before you start picking up the other produce.
I hope this helps!

Randhil  2011-08-08 05:52:17
I'm impressed! You've managed the almost imopsislbe.

YiLin  2012-04-03 20:43:02
mmmmmm... I love winter and cold waheter!Smoke is always nice in winter, whether from a cigarette, shisha, a stove, a fireplace...Smoke in the freezing cold waheter...Yummy! :-D

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