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Game Review   2015-02-20


Dark Dimensions: Homecoming

Dangerous Games: Illusionist Collector's Edition


From Daily Magic Productions, the makers of the Dark Dimensions quadrilogy, comes the next chapter of this amazing tale. Dark Dimensions: Homecoming Collector's Edition is the fifth installment of a series that is likely to stretch out for years to come.



If you enjoyed the previous four Dark Dimensions games, then you will absolutely love this one.


Dangerous Games: Illusionist

Fasten your seatbelt, because this is going to be a ride to a whole new dimension that you weren’t expecting. When you were younger, your parents were investigating a mansion in the chilling Whispering Hollows, when they disappeared suddenly.


Since then, you have been treading the country in pursuit of answers to this great mystery that has impacted your life. At last, after all these years of practically aimless search, there is a hint that all your questions may have answers. It is time to return to Whispering Hollows, to the Barton Mansion where it all began. But, perhaps the mansion isn’t quite as abandoned as people have thought… 


Dangerous Games: Illusionist

Download the Collector’s Edition of the Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game, and you’ll get the fully loaded package. There’s an integrated Strategy Guide to help you along in your gaming adventure, along with downloadable media to decorate your computer with.


You’ll get an extra Match-3 Game as well as a bonus chapter in which you get to hunt down some more bad guys (and, oh, the main bad guy is soooo bad!). You can even pick up some collectables to put into a room for your dog, which is a unique touch for this genre.


And, for the real Daily Magic fans, there a behind-the-scenes look at Daily Magic to give you a feel for who’s coming up with this stuff.

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Game Review   2015-02-20


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This is Dark Dimensions: Homecoming review. Download this game here.