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Game Review   2006-11-22


 Delicious Deluxe - Cafe Strategy


A slim red-haired Emily works as a waitress. If you want to give her a helping hand you'll have to dash with a tray among tables and serve customers at the counter of a small café. The orders are numerous, the customers are impatient and you always have your hands full. Though the quickness and well-done work are generously rewarded.


Rules are very much similar to those of Diner Dash. Be sure to serve everybody in time, clean the tables and get the money.


 There are two modes of the game: Day In, Day Out and City to City. The first one means that you work in one town, the second one suggests that you move from one town to another. In every town you'll have to work in café for some days. No matter which demo you choose, be ready to work hard!


The customers patience normally depends on a customer type. An oldie can wait longer than a young boy while the business lady's cup of patience is the easiest to exhaust. When the customers' patience is running out your tips keep on going down. So mind this fact and be on alert when serving a customer.   


Almost all your customers hesitate before ordering. Customer who makes the order off hand is not intended to wait.


 You'd better be quick or your customer will leave without paying... Even the most patient oldie won't wait too long! And if you are quick serving the customers, lavish tips are waiting for you.


The clients are choosing places themselves and it really smoothes things down for you.


But see that the tables were clean. It has been marked that even if there are some vacant tables in the café the new coming visitor is likely to choose the one which has not been cleaned yet. As a result, you'll see him retreat with an injured look and with your tips, of course.


Play with a ‘mouse'. When the client is ready to order find what he has chosen on the bar stand and click on it with a left button.   


 When you are ready to serve him click on the client - thus you'll bring him his order. Then click on a pay office when the customer is ready to pay the bill.


If clients are sitting on the table just serve them - as soon as you've prepared their order click on their table and Emily will get the order there.


Such clients come up to pay office and pay their bills themselves.


Every new level gives you possibility to earn more, but there will be also more customers to serve, more dishes to choose among, more tables. So be ready to work your fingers to the bone.




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Game Review   2006-11-22


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