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Game Review   2008-10-12


Delicious__Emily_s_Tea_GardenDelicious: Emily's Tea Garden - Through Restaurant Hard Work...

Delicious: Emily's Tea Garden is a new time-management game developed by Zylom and published by RealArcade. The game may disappoint those who may think that you are going to work in your garden. The title is actually a bit misleading. You do det a garden but only if you work hard enough in restaurants and get enough money.




Emily decides to work at different restaurants to make some money and get a tea garden she dreams of.


Delicious__Emily_s_Tea_GardenThe restaurants she works in are absolutely different. Starting at a barbeque joint you next place you get into is a beach bar.




Not only you are to do the waiter's job, but you are also to cookthe food. Sometimes it does add a lot of challenge to the game. For example, when you are ordered a medium or well done steak.



The goal for you is to earn enough money every day to get the garden so desired by Emily. Otherwise you need to paly the levels all over again.


Delicious__Emily_s_Tea_GardenYour patrons may come once in a while to check your work. The main thing then is to serve them in time so that they wouldn't leave angry.

As you progress in the game you can get a busboy to clean the table or an entertainer or a telephone to accept reservation orders. There are also other things unlocked for your restaurant like plants or tables.
But these are not as helpful as the former ones.

You also unlock another mode - Expert mode, where you can play any
unlocked restaurant any time you want to from the main menu. That's where you
can also find your trophies. The graphics and music match very well and
fit the whole theme of the game.


All in all the game is a lot of fun to play. It doesn't bring any
innovations but offers a great opporunity to enjoy a good restaurant sim if you are one of the genre fans.

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Game Review   2008-10-12


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