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Game Review   2009-07-13


DinerTown Detective AgencyDinerTown Detective Agency - Mysteries Are Everywhere!

If you are a games addict, you probably know that PlayFirst are mostly famous for their extremely popular dash games taking place in DinerTwon, the home for Flo, Quinn and other characters. Lately they changed the tradition by introducing DinerTown Tycoon, and now, in cooperation with Absolutist, they have released a game in the genre totally new for DinerTown - a hidden object, and a cool one!

Always dreamt of becoming a P.I.? Try looking for the unusual at your own place!

DinerTown Detective AgencyBernie the Bookworm has always wanted to be a real detective. He saw the prospect of his dream coming true together with a brochure advertising Deluxe Detective Kit - just for $99! Breaking his piggy bank, he found the necessary amount and purchased all a detective needs - a magnifying glass, fingertips set, an eyedropper and many more useful devices. And the manual saying that the happy owner of the kit has to solve 25 cases in order to get the official P.I. Badge. Completely ready for the challenge, Bernie lacked only one thing - the cases to solve! But Flo and others open his eyes telling him that DinerTown was full of mysteries - you just have to look around. Who let out school pets? Who photos people in the gym in the most ungrateful positions? Who has gone "pre-historic" in the city Museum? Bernie with the help of Flo - and yours - ventures to solve all of these awesome mysteries!

The game play is divided on the case by case basis. Each case consists of three stages. You search the crime scene looking for evidence, than you narrow the list of subjects and finally identify the culprit.

DinerTown Detective AgencyThe first stage is a combination of the traditional hidden object game play when you have to find listed items, and a sort of quest when your task is to use some items you found or use some tools, i.e. the magnifying glass, to find some things that can't be seen with a naked eye. If you get stuck, there are rechargeable hints that can help you. There is also a time penalty for too many incorrect clicks.

Tip: look for P.I. Badges in every level - they give additional time or points.

Once you have found all the evidence you'll get a list of suspects that are somehow connected to the crime scene according to your findings. And in the second stage your task is to eliminate some of them so that only three of them are left. This is done by matching fingertips or collecting jigsaw puzzles, or completing some other puzzle task. And, finally, then only three are left, you start the last phase - interrogation. You have a number of informants who tell you some facts about your suspects. And you have three Bernie's theories based on the evidence, like "The culprit is strong", "He likes sweets" and so on. Comparing the facts with the theories, you'll be able to identify the person you need - and blame him or her. Case solved, justice restored, fame received!

The stories of cases are very imaginative and fun, and the graphics are also cute. If you are looking for a nice and addictive hidden object game or like the DinerTown characters, or both - DinerTown Detective Agency is the right place to start looking!

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Game Review   2009-07-13


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