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Game Review   2006-12-08


Diner Dash: Flo on the GoDiner Dash - Flo on the Go - Going on vacation? Roll up your sleeves...


Nobody's expected, but here she is! Flo on the Go, the third installment of the Diner Dash game series. Soon after the second, Restaurant Rescue, Flo decided to take a time-out after a crazy dash, but - poor thing, she has to work even on vacation. 


As it was in the previous versions of the game your main task is to serve clients. The sooner you serve them food, take money and bus tables, the better profits you get.


It's just an easy startBefore sitting the customers you need to take into account the amount of people in a team and, of course, customer types. Very often this fact can enlarge your profit substantially. 


After a customer has found a place, he/she studies a menu for some time. But once in a while he may ask a waitress to take a photo of him. And if you do, you will surely get your well-deserved tips.


Needless to explain, as your customer has decided on the food to order, take it and to bring to the bar stand. A cook starts working at once. When a meal is ready, it will appear on the bar. When you take an order from customers a number appears on their table, the same number will be on the dish prepared.  


Once customers are done with thу food, you need to take money and clear the table and put dishes into a special container. 


Families with babies can leave you without any profit. Once a baby starts crying other visitors will leave your restaurant. To prevent such situation you need to bring a high chair for babies.

This is a real Diner Dash!Also you'd better be quick performing the orders for these families. If you are late, a baby will start crying at once.     


It will be necessary for you not only to be quick in serving your customers, but also mop up the floor once in a while! The vessel is being tossed and it's easy to spill drinks. Visitors will not stay in such a wet restaurant.  


Between the levels you will be able to choose clothes for Flo from her brand-new closet. From level to level the amount of her dresses will increase. You will be able to choose shorts, trousers, aprons, blouses and hats and also to create your own combinations and to use the clothes combinations you have created previously.   


Tips: you can insinuate the most gloomy visitors by bringing them a cocktail at the expense of your restaurant.


Sometimes the power goes out and you need a flash light to be able to work further.


Get ready to work in extremal conditionAs always, all levels are time-limited. Besides, within one working day you need to earn a definite amount of money. If you are successful in it you will start the next level, if not, it is necessary to replay this level once more...  


To sum up, Diner Dash 3 is a good sequel. Game play basics have been completely preserved with a little exception of some features; only the settings slightly changed. But the game remained same addictive. 


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Game Review   2006-12-08


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kendra  2006-12-13 16:54:44
lov this game

ajhetpfboj  2007-03-16 14:22:44
Hi! Very nice site! Thanks you very much! qozmcyyiwcyegf

djyslkmisq  2007-06-22 03:53:46
Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! nrrivncogocph

december  2008-02-03 00:38:34
man i love dis game for sum reason. it shows
me that i cant never be a waitress becuz i would probly dogg
sum-body out and get fired.other dan dat it's cool
ave up on deck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

december  2008-02-03 00:41:15
is you ning ning chinese becuz i heard yall is very good at these waitress games huh huh huh im just messin wit uah
ave up on deck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hello  2007-07-22 06:34:27
i love thoes kind of games but if they can give free trail more then 60 min i will be glad and it will be more better

Payul  2008-02-29 07:12:38
Don't Worry, Be Happy! =)

Ning Ning  2007-11-01 20:02:22
please get me out of level 46

lorena  2008-07-07 10:58:08
ich finde es soo scheizze weill mann es net so spielen kann udn nur dowladen kannn

vanusa  2009-07-10 09:11:51
por favor traduza melhor e me diga como passar o nivel 46.

wazzup1121  2009-12-19 12:06:21
i cant pass level 30.wierd

phenominal27  2009-12-19 12:07:56
dis game wuz easy. i beat it in a day

Brandilyn  2011-08-08 16:36:02
Stellar work there everyone. I'll keep on redanig.

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