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Game Review   2007-07-17


Dream Day HoneymoonDream Day Honeymoon - Hidden Object Paradise


Happy family gathering, and a portrait of Jenny and Robert together. Grandkids running in the yard, huge house decorated with flowers, huge and shining anniversary table... This is just a sneak peak from Dream Day ...Golden Wedding that is scheduled for release in 2050.



Don't take it serious, it was just easy to imagine Oberon Games will be releasing sequels of Dream Day game series in the next 50 years given the present success of this blissful hidden object odyssey. So, just a couple months ago, when Jenny and Robert(title characters of the game) only met each other and were preparing for the wedding in Dream Day Wedding, now, they're going on honeymoon trip. This means another sequel is waiting for you.


So, in Dream Day Honeymoon, you are to help the new couple sort thousands of hidden things out as they're vacationing in tropical beach paradise.


Dream Day HoneymoonIn case you have played Dream Day Wedding, saying that this game is as glamorous as its prequel will be enough.


In case you have never heard of Dream Day game series, I should say this is a hidden-object puzzle with elegant graphics, various mini-games and a plot that you are free to develop yourself.


In case you're new to hidden object genre, it is to admit, Dream Day game series will be a good ABC to start with.


So, you're to find the listed items on the cluttered hotel suites, on the beach, by the sea shore and even on the natural views.


In fact, seeking for the objects is easier due to the light and eye-catching levels (and their names speak for Dream Day Honeymoonthemselves: Honi Lookout, Maluhia Bay, hotel suite). Believe me, it's much easier than looking for the dark items in the dark and sinister rooms of MCF: Ravenhearst.


Here, in Dream Day Honeymoon, you've got to trace about 20 items in about 15 minutes at each stage. You can use 3 cupid's hints. Moreover, just like in the prequel, you are to keep on searching for the bluebirds of happiness. But there is a new thing that makes the game play much more rewarding:


Finding 5 bluebirds of happiness adds one more hint to you. That means you won't need to replay the levels, and things will go swimmingly.



Dream Day WeddingI am no hidden-object expert and maybe lack some attentiveness, but I had to replay the levels several times before I was able to memorize the location of every object on a level and eventually pass it. However, due to the hints that can be added basing on the bluebirds you find, you can progress much faster.


Similarly to the prequel, you'll have to help Jenny and Robert go through Honeymoon crisis, i.e. tackle some problem by playing hidden-object levels where the clues are very cleverly hidden.


As you find the required number of items, you are offered to play Perfect Match - a time-limited mini-game. The point of it is to clear the playfield with fancy cards by finding two identical cards as they lie face down.


One review is not enough to mention all the pros of the game. Glamorous graphics, diversified game play along with the intriguing and positive story that you can determine yourself - it all makes Dream Day Honeymoon a new game to enjoy.

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Game Review   2007-07-17


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fofah  2007-09-04 09:23:54
kingdom hearts 2

daniela terabusi  2007-12-26 18:38:39
Sorry for my poor english! I`m very glad to play all the day dream games series with my nieces. Since we really enjoy these games I tried to buy them buy I don`t have any credit card. In Venezuela we have a very strict exchange foreign currency, so it is not possible to obtain dollars or a pay pal card, fun pass or whatever. How can we play the game without limited time? Please, I really like an answer asap. Many thanks in advance!

Leatrice  2011-10-26 21:50:13
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Pavel  2013-02-04 06:00:05
Need your help in the following ciarulcr problem.Hockey players often use the four walls of a rink to pass a puck between them. Suppose two players are on the same team, with both players stationary, and with one player having the puck. This player wishes to pass the puck to the other player by bouncing the puck off one of the walls of the rink.How can you show how the player with the puck can decide where in the wall to shoot the puck?

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