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Game Review   2010-04-25


Dream_Day_Wedding__Bella_ItaliaDream Day Wedding: Bella Italia  - Romance in Florence


No matter what some people may say,wedding is a special day and all the preparation for it is a special time. It just can't be otherwise because this is a life-changing event. And those are always special.


Dream Day Wedding: Bella Italia is another sequel from I-play in, I guess, never-ending Dream Day Wedding series. You are to help a couple from start to finish with their "special time and special day".



Even the very word Italy sounds like a nice place for a romance.


Dream_Day_Wedding__Bella_ItaliaIn this new release, you are to help Andrew in his love affairs. He's got a girlfriend in Italy and he wants to propose to her and get married if the answer is yes. And the answer will be yes, otherwise we wouldn't have a game here.


First of all you are to go to Florence to prepare the stage for the most perfect proposal. And after wards you'll be busy with the wedding preparation. You will have to deal with all kinds of things to be done, like picking a dress, or taking care of the rings, or even dealing with the nervous in-laws. And, of course, there just isn't enough time. As always.


Most of the time will be spent on trying to find the items scattered over the scenes. You'll be limited in time in every level, and random clicking ends up in time penalty. But finding multiple items in a row adds you some time. There will also be hints available for you in every level. They are limited but you can earn more of them by finding blue birds of happiness in every hidden scene.  


Dream_Day_Wedding__Bella_ItaliaIn addition to searching for a random mix of objects, you’ll also occasionally hunt for specific items of the same type hidden in a given scene. For example, tracking down various types of scissors, gems, and sewing needles.There are also amusing crisis missions that require you to fix a variety of potentially catastrophic wedding planning disasters and find a way out of some sticky situations.


Mini-games like card matching, decorative wedding item creation, and even a maze exploration adventure add to the general adventure of planning and actually having the wedding. The audio-visuals are just perfect reflexion of the atmosphere. Especially with the animated parts.


The game is definitely in no way a let down for the series with all the details and polish in every part of it. 



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Game Review   2010-04-25


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This is Dream Day Wedding: Bella Italia review. Download this game here.