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Game Review   2010-01-12


Dream Day Wedding: Viva Las Vegas - Fresh and Lavish!

Dream Day Wedding: Viva Las VegasDream Day Wedding: Viva Las Vegas is the fifth hidden object game in the Dream Day series, and the third one with weddings theme. This time you are in charge of planning a luxurious wedding for Kelsey and her fiancé David. In contrast to the majority of sequels which lack freshness with every further release, Dream Day Wedding: Viva Las Vegas will be a nice surprise for you

in this respect. The producers have developed an idea of what the couple want s their dream wedding to be like.

This series definitely seems to be improving with age.

Dream Day Wedding: Viva Las VegasFrom the very beginning you'll see it isn't what you expected. Instead of being the bride, groom, or Elvis, you’re an elite wedding planner on your way to the Palladium Resort in Las Vegas. Upon arriving at your hotel room you'll find a cell phone waiting for you, which is a way for the bride, groom and Debbie ("the dreaded Bride's mother") to be able to get in touch with you when they need something. Get ready to receive many notes from them throughout the game and be sent on errands for anything and everything the happy couple wants for their big day.

In addition to habitual hidden object challenges, there's also a nice variety of other things to do, such as spot-the-difference, casino games (like "21" and memory Dream Day Wedding: Viva Las Vegasmatch), and hilarious new "Trapped" levels where you find yourself stuck somewhere - like a locked bathroom or elevator - and have to figure out how to escape by playing a quest (pick up objects and use them somehow).

There are also crises that you must prevent to save the wedding; such as saving the wedding cake, repairing the reception site- and even re-designing the bride's dress and bouquet after a little mishap. You'll definitely appreciate the crisis when you get to break into a jewelry vault because the groom had somehow got locked inside when he was getting the rings for the wedding.

Dream Day Wedding: Viva Las Vegas also keeps you busy on the lookout for golden cards with Palladium points, which allow you to buy fancy upgrades and items for the Dream Day Wedding: Viva Las Vegasreception site. You also get to meet people while playing the game. Some, if you’re nice to them and answer them just right will give you more Palladium points, where as others you want to avoid because they’ll take the points from you.

You can play the game in either timed or "carefree" (untimed) mode, and you can switch between them on the fly from the Options menu. Each scene starts with a few hints to reveal the locations of hard-to-find items, and you can earn more of them by finding golden dice.

When playing I clearly saw absolute advantages of this sequel which are, first of all, spectacular graphics and the soundtrack (a pleasant collection of well-known classical pieces of Bach, Mozart, Pachelbel and Vivaldi). Secondly, it's unusually fun plotline. I really enjoyed how smooth the gameplay was. The game isn't really broken up into levels, but rather once you've finished one thing, something else pops up.

Another surprise is also waiting for you in your room at the happy end. But what it will be, you have to find out yourself!

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Game Review   2010-01-12


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lianna  2010-01-12 04:22:36
The best game of the series IMHO

Pandora  2012-11-24 02:44:29
Bethany, these are sooo good. And your Post Processing is honestly as good as I've seen. These black and whties are gorgeous. Once your name really starts to get out there ..hold on, you are going to be very successful!

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