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Game Review   2008-09-02


Dress Up RushDress Up Rush - Same Girl, New Business

Dress Up Rush is a game that is in line with two up-to-date tendencies of the casual games market. First, it is a time-management game in a clothes store department. Second, it's a sequel to an extremely popular series of time-management games. Actually, the second sequel in the series during this week. You will once more meet Jane, the purposeful young lady so familiar to you, and venture to another business challenge with her.

Got style and taste? Why not apply it in business?

Dress Up Rush That's how Jane thought when she decided to start up a new fashionable store and build a new successful enterprise. While having her well-deserved vacaion on a beach she is inspired with this great idea. Without wasting any time she hired Michelle, a talented and promising designer, to create a new collection for her store, rented premises perfect for her purpose and got ready to welcome her first customer.

Actually, the game play is nothing extraordinary. A customer comes to the store, and you don't even have to seat him - they do it themselves. But after that your hard work starts.

First, every customer will wish to read a magazine before deciding which clothes to try on. Then your task is to bring the required piece (sometimes you'll need another movement for rotating the hanger). After this the customer can go to the dressing room if he wishes (not all of them do), and then you have to go to your cash register and take the money. And clean the armchair for the next customer, of course. Simple, isn't it?

Dress Up Rush Later in the game the sequence of actions will become more complicated, as you will have a possiblity to give your customers some coffee, to pack their purchases as gifts or to trim the clothes for them. All of these options will require additional actions, but they pay off as you get more money for that.

Tip: when you see a red shoe on the screen, grab it - and you get a bonus!

You get no combo points, so you may not be concerned about chaining your actions. Just try to serve as many customers as you can - and your success is guaranteed.

After each level you are granted a possiblity to upgrade your shop with the help of the money earned. You can either purchase some new equipment, furniture or design solutions for your store or some new design clothes to expand your range. Each of the available upgrades adds some points to one of four characteristics of your store: Presentaility, Price & Quality Ratio, Range of Choice and Quality of Service. Try to balance all of them to keep your customers satisfied.

Though the game introduces no innovations or unique twists to the genre, it is quite an addictive example of time-managements. Really worth trying.

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Game Review   2008-09-02


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