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Game Review   2010-07-23


Elixir of Immortality


Elixir of ImmortalityElixir of Immortality is a great mix of adventure and hidden object genres. Because of variety of games and their genres, today it's very difficult to produce a good game, especially one that could differ from a wide row of others. But the developers of this game managed to cope with this task.
This game has a very intriguing gameplot that will keep you in tension till the end. And you never know what is happening around untill you'll reach the last levels. All you know at the begining is that there is a castle on an island, where they make some chemical blends. An employer always has a hired hand. But lately something strange happens: all the employees are killed. And as always you are the only one who can investigate the crime. For this you are to pretend and act as a hired hand. But when you get into this castle, you understand that it hides something more than crime... But what it is? Are you able to disclose this secret?



Having started to play this game, you will never be able to stop it!


Elixir of ImmortalityAt the beginning of the game, you can choose the game mode. Sure such an opportunity is practically in every game. But in Elixir of Immortality it has something different. There are two of them: casual and advanced. Casual one has tutorials, more helpful sparkles and hint together with skip game option recharge faster. While advanced mode has no tutorials, less helpful sparkles and hints and skip game option recharge slower. As for me, the game is made up perfectly and the game structure is well polished. The game has both hidden object and adventure scenes. But you will never become tired of HOG parts as their amount is pretty well balanced. In HOG locations you will as always look for hidden items. Some of them are placed into your inventory and can be used further in adventure parts. One of the features here is that sometimes you can find pieces of the whole items and then combine them into one whole (such as stone ball pieces).

Adventure parts are very interesting. As always you need to switch between different locations, use items from your inventory and so on. But here is one disadvantage: you should return to the same locations for several times. Sometimes it is not so involving. elixir-of-immortality The tasks here are as folows: you are to switch on the light in the room. For this you are to find all the needed items from hidden object scenes, such as lantern, gas can and box of matches. Then you put lantern on the rope with hook, fill it with gas and set fire with the help of matches.


Elixir of Immortality

As for minigames, there are a lot of them and they are very thrilling. Personally I don't like very easy minigames, I mean which I can solve in a few seconds. These are not difficult, but at the same time they can train your brains. For example, you have to set the correct time on the clock under such conditions that one of the arrows moves 40 minutes forward and another moves 25 minutes back. This game really somewhat differs from other games. It has even more features that I managed to describe in this review. So, it would be better if you play the game by yourself, enjoy it and make your own opinion!


It is a perfect hidden object/adventure mix game, so it will be interesting for all HOG lovers.




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Game Review   2010-07-23


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Youngy  2011-08-26 00:59:39
It's much eaiesr to understand when you put it that way!

Rhiyan  2012-09-12 02:12:00
I don't think any online game has any reslinsobipity for a child using a parent's credit card without permission. If a kid hasn't been taught not to take things that don't belong to them, I don't think the game is responsible for teaching them that. I'm a big believer in keeping the family computer in the family room so that an adult can keep an eye on the children's online activities. I usually suggest that because that way parents can teach kids about stranger safety as it comes up but I guess it could also apply to seeing if your kids are shopping online.

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