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Game Review   2008-10-16


Enigma 7Enigma 7 - Searching for Jane


Welcome to the Lands of Enigma, where the seven magical portals have hidden Jane, the young archaeology student from California university. Enigma 7 is a new match 3 game that will offer you the traditional swapping game play together with a unique Slider mode where your strategic thinking will come in handy.



Jane and Joe were a perfect couple. But real love always meets obstacles. In this case - the seven portals.


Enigma 7Yes, you are right if you guessed that on one not so perfect day Jane disappeared. Surely, Joe is not going to leave the situation as it is, so he ventures to the dangerous journey to unlock the seven magical portals of the Lands of Enigma and save his sweetheart. In order to reach his destination Joe will have to collect pieces of the lands' map and find all the necessary keys to open the portals.


That is practically all I can tell you about the story of Enigma 7. The game play is the one that will please both fans of traditional match 3 games and innovation addicts. The game offers 3 modes: Swap, Slider and Mix Mode. In Swap mode your task will be nothing extraordinary - you swap adjacent pieces in order to match 3 of them in a row and highlight tiles under them before the door closes. No surprises

here, just good old style.


Tip: when you have an empty tile under a rock, just move a piece next to it there.


Enigma 7Slider Mode is something absolutely different. Here you will also get a playfield with tiles to highlight, but your task is to slide a piece from oneof three sides of the field to an adjacent tile in order to make a match. This type of puzzle game play requires a bit of strategic thinking and planning. It's much more challenging than the Swap mode, but, as for me, it's also much more fun.


For those who prefer to have both options at a time the game offers Mix Mode with alternate Swap and Slider levels.


Besides basic game play you will also have an opportunity to earn various powerup by filling Powerup Meter. This is achieved by creating chains of four and more tiles. You also get an extra hammer powerup if no available moves are left.


Once yoг collect nine pieces of a map you'll be presented a jigsaw puzle upon solving which you get one of the seven keys.


That is maybe all I'm going to tell now. Perhaps, just add a couple of words on beautiful themes accompanying each game stage and very pleasant general atmosphere. All the else you'll see by yourself.

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Game Review   2008-10-16


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