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Game Review   2007-11-18


Fashion_Fits!Fashion Fits! - Time-/Fashion-Management Game



Fashion Fits! - a time management type game from Fugazo, Inc. that introduces time-management mechanics in fashion industry. Given the game's vivid pace, funny characters and cartoom-style graphics, it's easy to prognose Fashion Fits! success on the casual game portals.



The game is played in the only mode that tells you the whole story of Fracie becoming a clothing stores line owner.


Fashion_Fits!According to the story Francie gets a job at a clothing store. She is to take care of all of the store and customers all the working day.


She gets instructions from her macho-like boss, who is always away enjoying his life and the benefits of Francie's hard work.


The main task for you is to take care of the customers that get into the store. There are different types of them.


For example, the senior ones never buy the first thing they try on as well as the girls, the teenage boys always buy two things because they don't really enjoy shopping. Soccer moms buy the first thing they choose as they don't have much time.


You meet new types of the customers as you progress. It's helpful to keep all these peculiarities in mind in order to use your time wisely and make the right decisions.


The routine of Francie's working day includes cleaning the fitting rooms, stocking the tables, and servicing the customers when needed.


Fashion_Fits!The tasks for you are to clean the fitting rooms, to stock the tables, and to serve the customers if needed.


You will have to clean the fitting rooms after such customers as old ladies and gentlemen or girls, the ones that don't buy the first thing they take.


So keep the track of it all. The clothes are placed on the tables or hangers all over the store.


When somebody takes a clothes item it means that you are to bring it from the stock. You need to be very attentive to that because if there are no items a customer wants he or she goes to the customer service area and is waiting for you to bring the required item now.


There's a special place for the things that you have nowhere to place.


Fashion_Fits!One more thing to keep in mind here is that you can stock the tables with the clothes that you get from the fitting rooms. In this way you won't end up with, say, a red shirt from a fitting room and without a place for it on a table that you just stocked. But even for these situations there's a special place for things you have nowhere to get.


Before each level new upgrades are offered to you. You can buy a new fitting room or new clothes that would cost more.


There are also mini-games every few levels. They are about memorizing the clothes on a mannequin and then clothing it the same way.



The graphics and sounds are great. The story of the game is knitted into the game play very good. Fashion Fits! would be a great pastime for time management games, fashion, and casual games fans.

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Game Review   2007-11-18


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Brenda  2008-06-08 21:42:35
when are you going to make a part 2. I really, really enjoyed this game, but I agree with Sharlene.....give Francie a helper next time, lol. Can't wait, hope you guys make a part 2!!

Sharlene Mae N. Egamino  2007-12-01 20:19:30
Fashon Fits! is reaLLy a great game!! It is very easy to play. But, it's kinda' difficult for me to get the clothes and bring it to the customers because some leave an item in the fitting rooms and I need to go there and get it. And, at the same time, Francie should also ring the customers up! I suggest that the next time you create the 2nd part of this game, give Francie a helper. But, this game is really good. Keep it up!!

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