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Game Review   2008-06-20


Fashion StarFashion Star - Your Career in the World of Style

Fashion Star is a game that offers you a fascinating opportunity to build a career as a real fashion stylist, trying to please editors of the best fashion magazines in town. Here you are given really much freedom in what to do. If you are looking for a place to apply your creative thinking - here you are!

Your sense of style and fashion will undergo a serious test in this game. Are you ready?

Fashion Star Choose a name for your character and plunge into the world of fashion magazines, trying to build a career as a successful freelance fashion stylist. Mandy, your assistant, will accompany you along all the way.

What does a freelancer start with? Surely, first you have to find an assignment. You will soon find out that, though young and unexperienced, you will still be demanded. Editors of fashion magazines will be willing to try you, because they always need new blood and new ideas. Each of the magazines has its specific audience and principles, and each time they will require you to create pictures for different occasions, such as a rock concert, ladies' lunch and many more. Once you've accepted a job, you can set off for the fashion quest.

Fashion Star Your first stop is the Model Agency, where four models are at your disposal to choose from. Each assignment will require a certain number of outfits, and you will have to hire the corresponding number of models (four maximum). And here starts your creative work, for you may choose a ready model or modify whatever you wish in her - each and every facial feature, hair style and colour, etc. You can make the girl that fits perfectly with your idea of a teenager on a first date or a business lady conducting negotiations - and then comes the time to dress her properly.

Fashion Star For creating each set of outfits you have a budget, rather tight in the first levels, which then becomes quite sufficient for all your needs. You have the freedom to go to any of the shops open around the city (their number will increase with time) and select whatever you think suitable for each specific occasion and model. You are given a wide selection of short and long-sleeved shirts, pants and skirts, dresses and all types of accessories, each in the whole range of colours. Your only guides in this ocean of fashion are Level and Editor buttons giving you information on requirements for the assignment concerning style of the needed outfits and the personal likes and dislikes of the editor. While the Level requirements change with each new job, editors are persistent in their tastes, so you can be sure that if one of them likes red and despises brown, that's the rule for all photos of the magazine. Once you have purchased the clothes and accessories you are ready for the photo shoot.

Tip: do not get stuck in one single shop. A skirt and blouse from one place and a bag with a pair of shoes from another can be a really wise decision. Take your time!

The photo studio will meet you with a wide selection of backdrops and lightings for every possible occasion. Choose those carefully - and your work is ready for submission.

Once you submit the products of your hard work to the editor, get prepared to hear everything about your taste and style. The comments may be rather harsh, but once you've reached the needed number of stars - our congratulations, the well-deserved fee and the next assignment are waiting for you!

On the whole the game is a great choice if you like having a wide choice of options and much time to fulfill your every wish. You have no time limit, so making a perfect fashion photo is just the question of your wish!

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Game Review   2008-06-20


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tayla  2008-07-06 16:52:48
this looks like an awsome game!

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