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Game Review   2008-06-03


First Class FlurryFirst Class Flurry - high level fun!

Most of girls dream of becoming a flight attendant in childhood. Then they grow up and abandon the dream. But sky continues attracting them. As well as some game developers, for after Airport Mania: First Flight we now present First Class Flurry - a time-management game from Viqua Games, where all the action takes place at 35,000 feet above ground.

In First Class Flurry you will play as Claire, a flight attendant at Starlink Airlines, whose mission is to make the company thriving and keep the work (that is more important for herself).

First Class FLurry So, your career as a flight attendant starts in the Economy Class, and later on you proceed to four more classes, unlocked sequentially. 10 flights for each class makes 50 levels in total, which provides you with several hours of game play. Taking into account that the goals for completing each level are quite challenging, this is a fair number of levels.

While there is a sequence of classes, you have a possibility to choose the region you'll work in from the very beginning. The variants are the Americas, Europe, Asia & Oceania and Africa & Middle East. Each region has its peculiarities concerning the cuisine served and the passengers to be served. For example, in Africa you'll have ostrich steak and kebab on your menu. The map of the chosen region with points of destination shown is a great way to refresh your knowledge of geography. Do you remember where Antananarivu is?

First Class FLurry The game play is the one you got used to in most time-managements. But the game has some features that make it more interesting and engaging and at the same time more difficult and challenging. The basics is nothing special - you have to satisfy all the needs of your customers keeping them happy. First of all, it's food. You start with serving coffee and tea and then your range is extended with lots of other types of snacks. Each dish requires two steps to prepare. But before you know what to do you have to click on the passenger and learn what he/she wants. Every level brings you new services to offer to the passengers. Besides food and pillows of the first level you will encounter little girls that get lost and need to be shown their place, toy bear to give to children and medical kits for coughing guys, as well as turbulence to live over, passengers wishing to change their seat and treats to calm down dissatisfied people.

You have a tray to fill with all the items you need to bring. This includes food, toys, medicines and garbage to be collected from passengers. In the beginning it contains two slots, which may be upgraded later.

First Class FlurryTip: the game will require certain strategic thinking. For example, you can save some precious time by thinking over your movements and making your path as short as possible.

There are certain bonuses helping you reach the goal. The first and most important is Combo bonus which can be earned for serving several passengers in a row. Then, after you satisfy all the passenger's needs and give him/her a pillow or sleeping mask, you get a Passenger Complete bonus. There is also Turbulence bonus depending on how efficiently you cope with the situation.

After you complete a level you receive a certain number of upgrade points. That is determined by the average passenger happiness you managed to achieve. Use those to buy upgrades helping to make your passengers more patient, Claire to work faster or to customize your plane to your liking.

One of the features distinguishing First Class Flurry from other time-management games and making it more difficult is that you don't have a line of waiting customers coming one after another but you have all your passengers wanting something at the same time and you have to think carefully whom to serve first. Sometimes it is a really trickish problem.

On the whole I think the game is a perfect choice for time-management veterans wishing to use their skills in a genuinely challenging task.

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Game Review   2008-06-03


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