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Game Review   2006-12-26



Flower Shop - Big City Break - Running a ‘Blooming' Business Flower Shop - Big City Break - Running a ‘Blooming' Business


Cake Mania, Diner Dash, Flower Shop are the games where the bounds between real life and virtual word are washed away and you have a perfect chance to live somebody other's life. In Flower Shop - Big City Break you can try on Meg's boots. The heroine decides to take a breakaway from noisy city life and escape to the island where she buys a flower shop...


Similar to other games, in Flower Shop - Big City Break your task is to make customers happy by filling their orders and to earn a definite amount of money before the day is over.


Make customers happy by filling their ordersEvery day Meg's shop is visited by lots of customers: you have to please them by quickly serving them with flowers. To plant a flower, you need to click on a seed packet and then on a flower bed. Once the flower has grown, click on it to pick it up. Before delivering the flower to a customer, take it to the wrapping machine to pack it. Some buyers ask for bouquet decoration - don't ignore customer's whims, or you're going to lose them.


Quick service is rewarded as well - Meg gets Speed Bonus if the customers are served promptly.


While running the shop, different types of customers will be popping in - use relievers to flatter the most impatient individuals.


Some flowers grow on their own, others are to be tendedMeg customers' cup of patience differs: ‘hearts' over the head of visitors indicate the level of their patience. Earning enough money, Meg will be able to buy relievers such as fountain with relaxing water to make clients hard to drive to wit's end. But while the sum raised is insufficient for buying extra items, you have to learn to classify customers by eye. 


 Here is a front-end hint: retired folks are the most patient and order mostly singly wrapped flowers; tough guys are to be served very quickly as they are the easiest to lose their temper; nerds are less patient than retired folks but less nervous than tough guys: they usually order 3-flowers bouquets and pay lavishly.


Mind that not only customers but also flowers differ - some of them blossom on their own, others are to be tended.


Make sure to achieve Cash target of Flower ShopPay attention that some flowers in Meg's shop grow on their own, while others need water and fertilizer. Plants will let you know what they need: to serve a flower, click on the required item and then on a flower.


The game is full of power ups and traps: From time to time Meg's garden will be attacked by pets - shoo them or they'll spoil flower-beds.  Don't forget to eradicate weeds by clicking on them as well. Along with troublesome surprises, pleasant ‘encounters' are waiting for Meg:  try to catch friendly fliers by clicking on them and Meg will be rewarded with bonus money.


Make sure to achieve Cash target of Flower Shop - Big City Break and Meg will be rewarded with Guru Star.


The playing field of Flower Shop - Big City BreakAs the day draws in, Meg has to achieve a dairy cash goal before the shop closing time. Once you manage to raise definite sum of money, Meg gets Guru Star on her map. Watch the time - when its up, the shop is closed and no more customers pop in.


Remember also that successful business undertakings give you a pass to a Bonus level. The game with its stunning 3D graphics is really impressive. 




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Game Review   2006-12-26


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judy churchwell  2007-01-03 21:43:55
great game

sandy  2007-01-28 16:16:14
i love your games, they are awesome, just wish more would be able to be played on line,have already downloaded games and cant do it again,lol thanks for reading this, sandy

znnrvjabis  2007-03-16 14:22:46
Hi! Very nice site! Thanks you very much! ycifxxdhlslc

xsfltvpmuh  2007-06-22 03:53:46
Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! lcfceebtrjn

Christine Khn  2007-04-13 16:30:53
Das Spiel ist spitze!Leider kann ich es nicht kaufen mit Karte.

Nurcan  2012-03-16 22:23:44
yeah you were right from the beginning that's the only way you can get htynaing on facebook is to purchase it with your actual money which i think is really stupid because if you do buy things on facebook what's the point its just an online game when you could really go and spend your money on something else.

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