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Game Review   2007-09-16


Forgotten Riddles the Mayan PrincessForgotten Riddles – The Mayan Princess

This is the latest seek-and-find puzzle developed by Blue Tea Games that blends hidden-object and investigation genres supplemented with an utterly new ingredient that has never been used before in casual games(please correct me if I am wrong) – I mean riddle solving.


Solving puzzles is as easy as in childhood (as while playing this game you’ll have to tackle your brain with a bunch of rhymed riddles, but when incorporated into the little game, it’s become as intriguing, as never before.

Ok, enough of emotions. Let’s talk about the game itself. The storyline of Forgotten Riddles – The Mayan Princess will be liked by all the fans of investigation games.



You, as a young and promising archaeologist are to accept the challenge and go on a mission of uncovering the secret of disappearance of the last generation of Mayan royal family.


Forgotten Riddles - the Mayan PrincessThis can be done as you read the journal of Mayan princess who lived in the 16th century and mix riddle-solving with the history of Spanish conquistador invasion in your imagination.

As you get familiar with the journal entry, you will be offered to go on decrypting the runes on one of the episodes of the game. And each of them are very gripping- the view of Mexican jungle, and ruins of Mayan buildings and so on.


Each rune (all of them will be displayed at the bottom of the page) hides a riddle and can be decrypted once you solve the riddle.

So, on usual levels, you’ll have two tasks:

1. Solve the riddle.(You just have to use your brain the way you did as a child )

2. Find the object of the riddle, on the screen of the episode(this is a good-old hidden-object element).

But riddle solving and hidden object gameplay is not all Mayan Princess has to offer. More than this, you’ll find more classic puzzles, sort of jigsaw.


Forgotten Riddles - The Mayan PrincessThus, after completing the first stage consisting of three episodes of the game you’ll have to tackle the puzzle that looks pretty much like jigsaw, but is a little bit different.


In such a case, you’ll be tackling so-called rotation puzzle aimed at constructing a picture made out of cells. You won’t need to replace them, as each cell is located on the correct place. It’s just turned. And you’ll have to rotate it in order to make up the whole picture.

Good word should be said about the graphics of the game. It is as bright, colorful and mysterious, as the amazing nature of Yukatan peninsula. Some scenes are animated, which brings life into puzzle gameplay and makes the process of solving more vivid. So, you if you liked the theme and settings of Gem Sweeper, Luxor and other antiquity-themed games, this game is for you.


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Game Review   2007-09-16


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This is Forgotten Riddles Mayan Princess review. Download this game here.