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Game Review   2010-12-21


Great Adventures: Xmas EditionGreat Adventures: Xmas Edition


If you don't get enough of Christmas atmosphere all around you in the real life, you can add some more of it by playing a Christmas-themed game.


Great Adventures: Xmas Edition is a sequel to the original game where you are to enjoy some adventures in the cold mountains.



It becomes quite challenging to find something when you have several rooms to explore and plus the outside area.


Great Adventures: Xmas Edition

So there is the first game, and if you played it, you will notice a lot of similar things between the two. You start off by choosing a female and male character for the game. Then you get a short dialogue between the two which you had chosen.


And from that dialogue you get that they are on their way to her dad, who might be in trouble now because of the snow storm. The dialogue stops as they fall from the bridge. There they can reach different buildings and items. There is a dog that joins them and is willing to help along the way. From that moment on you are going to accomplish different tasks given to you and play a few mini-games in between the major levels.


Great Adventures: Xmas Edition

The tasks you are to complete appear in a box in the upper left corner. There are usually a few of them. Most of the tasks require you to find collect and use some items. Those items are scattered around the place. As you get into the buildings, your working area expands.


It becomes quite challenging to find something when you have several rooms to explore and plus the outside area. Another trick is that you pick up or use items only using your characters. So maybe you find it helpful to leave one of them in one place and the other one in the other end of the screen. It will save the time on walking to an item.


Great Adventures: Xmas Edition

Apart from the items that can be used in the game, you are also to collect bones for the dog. Those bones refill the hint and you can then get some help.


The game also has some small puzzles for you to solve for a change. You can see the ways in which the game is very much like its predecessor. It seems that the biggest difference is the Christmas-themed backgrounds. And those are very nice and bright and detailed enough. The characters look just as cute as in the previous game.


Great Adventures: Xmas Edition is a challenging and charming simulation game, where you can have your own little Christmas.


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Game Review   2010-12-21


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