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Game Review   2008-06-06


Hell's KitchenHell's Kitchen - can you survive there?

Gordon Ramsay, the world-famous chef, invites you to his Hell's Kitchen, where aspiring chefs do their best to earn his approval and achieve the position of Senior Chef. This game is a real challenge for time-management addicts. You have to control two rooms - the kitchen and the dining-room - at the same time, and neither the food nor the customers will wait if you linger too much. Amazing 3D graphics and pressing atmosphere make your game experience unforgettable.

The game is based on the popular US TV show and preserves all the features so appreciated by its audience.

Hell's KitchenYou are welcome to enter the double doors of Hell's Kitchen and try your culinary skills in this fast-paced time-management challenge. There is not much of a story here, but the game doesn't need it really. You act as a young chef who has decided to put him/herself at the mercy of Gordon Ramsay, who is not going to give your any favors, of that you can be sure. Quality of your dishes will be the top priority, not even customers' satisfaction. You start from the status of Dishwasher and have a chance to move to the rank of Senior Chef (if you survive the crazy race, of course).

So, each day starts with Today's Special - the dish you are going to cook on this level mostly. Be sure to have something to eat before you play, for the dishes look really mouth-watering. One of the great features is that you have a wonderful opportunity not only to learn the recipe of the dish you like but even to print it if you wish. Get ready to fill your cookbook with the most sophisitcated examples of different cuisines!

Hell's Kitchen As I already mentioned, you have to manage two rooms at a time. First you should attend to your customers, show them their table, take their order, then clean after they have eaten. Second, you have to cook the food trying to get the five star rating for every single dish. In the dining-room everything is quite simple - click on the customers to sit them down, then on their table to take the order, then on the food to deliver it, and so on. Your main task is not to make your customers wait for too long, in this case they together with Gordon become extremely irritated. Pay attention to the fact that your waiter will need some time to serve each customer, so you have to plan his actions wisely. And try not to make all your customers wait for their food at the same time - you'll not be able to serve them all well. It's better to make some of them wait for the menu and meanwhile prepare other orders.

Hell's KitchenIn the kitchen everything is a bit more complicated. First you have to click on the necessary ingredients (and watch them cut and cook themselves), then put them to a pot or frying pan and wait while they are cooked. The most important thing here is to organize your work so that you could get all the dishes in one order ready simultaneously, for if you overcook something or let it just stay for too long, it will quality and, accordingly, stars. For this watch the timers for each dish and make them match before you put the ingredients.


Tip: try to prepare the ingredients at once, not waiting for the order. This wil help you save a couple of seconds.

As you progress in the game the tasks will become even more and more challenging. You wil have more tables to serve and more dishes to cook. Surely, the number of available ingredients and ways of cooking will also grow. And the meals will become more complicated, as customers will prefer to get nt only their main courses, but also

desserts, appetizers etc. You'll never be bored in Hell's Kitchen, that I can guarantee!

One more aspect of the game is definitely worth mentioning - the visuals. The game is made in 3D graphics, and all the flames and colors of the environment perfectly create the pressing atmosphere matching the game play and theme. No discordance here.

But enough talking. Step into Hell's Kitchen and see everything by yourself!

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Game Review   2008-06-06


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Lisa  2008-07-16 22:06:17
I am really enjoying Hells Kitchen, however, when you reach a new level and are training in the kitchen (day one of each new level)there are not enough pots to cook in. There are 3 plates ready for meals and only 2 pots to cook in so everything goes cold and you fail.

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